Lesbian Apocalypse Meaning On TikTok: Explore The Trend

The Lesbian Apocalypse trend now popular on TikTok is all about the unity between the community of Lesbians.

After the trend has taken over the internet, numerous questions have been raised. Apocalypse has always been used in a bad sense, but it stands for unity in this case.

The trend started in June alongside Pride Month. In this trend, Lesbain all over the platform followed each other and became mutual. Creators will ask if you’re a lesbian, follow me.

Besides that, some of the users create memes and a sense of humor to ask for a follow. The main focus of the trend is to capture the unity between the lesbians, initially starting from Pride Month.

Lesbian Apocalypse Meaning On Urban Dictionary: What Is It?

According to the Urban dictionary, Lesbain is referred to as a girl who does not feel intimate with boys but with girls themselves.

Lesbian Apocalypse in, a theoretical concept, is about the unity of hundreds of lesbians. It leads to women rejecting men and starting dating their gender.

The process continues until nobody gets pregnant and everybody dies. However, the concept is theoretical, and no such incident has ever happened in the past.

The concept has now taken a new turn in a lively manner. The present trend is all about unity and not hate for men, as many comments against the trend can be viewed through the comment section.

Take A Look At The Videos On The Concept

The concept has found big recognization on the platform with hundreds of videos. As much as the video has found fame, plenty of critics judge the trend.

A user with the name Adrian has posted a video about what is the lesbian apocalypse. The video has received 75K views with 15K likes on it. 

The popular trend has been successful on the platform, and we can see the unity of Lesbians. People are celebrating Pride month with huge enthusiasm.

Surely, many new trends around the LGBTQ community may appear on the platform for a while month.