Little Ladies Day 2022 Ffxiv Event Rewards Reveals



Little Ladies Day 2022 Ffxiv Event Rewards Reveals: Final Fantasy XIV just recently wrapped up its winter event season and is preparing to begin its spring cycle. It just declared the first of its spring holiday events with the Little Ladies’ Day 2022 event, “Dressed to Impress”. This year’s Little Ladies’ Day event in “Final Fantasy 14” starts on Saturday, 14th of March 2022 and ends early on Thursday 31st March 2022, meaning players will have just over 2 weeks to complete it. Like previous iterations, this Little Ladies’ Day event will have happened in the city of UI’dah. Gamers who have reached level 15 can participate in the event, meaning even new gamers or those on the free trial of “Final Fantasy 14” can easily take the participate. Follow More Update On

Little Ladies Day Ffxiv

The “Fashion Face-off” quest will be available right outside the Ul’dah Aetheryte plaza from your NPC named Marbel once the event starts. Once the quest is concluded, players will get the new Little Lady’s Crown as a cosmetic reward. The Little Ladies’ Day event in “Final Fantasy 14” is themed after the Japenese Hinamatsuri holiday, also called Girl’s Day or Doll’s Day. An extravaganza of springtime, Little Ladies’ Day certainly engages heartfelt stories and makes girls feel like princesses for a day.

This time, the story looks like it is about a beauty contest. While the Songbirds- a famous trio of songstresses-certain come up in these events, they do not look to be featured this time, however, they could still make a guest appearance. Little Ladies’ Day is a famous event with Final Fantasy 14 players, in part due to the touching stories and the rewards, which are certainly excellent items for glamour. The Little Lady’s Crown reward for this year is quite beautiful and will make a good addition to several outfits.

Ffxiv Little Ladies Day

What is better, the crown can also be worn by Hrothgar and Viera characters in FF14, both of which are notorious for being unable to wear most headpieces due to their animal and ears features respectively. Though there are some Final Fantasy 14 admirers who are disappointed in this Little Ladies’ Day event. There is only a single reward this time, while other races of the event have had complete outfits, minions, accessories, and even titles. What is worse, the crown is not dyeable, seriously cutting into the number of glamour it can match. That stated, Final Fantasy 4 is hard at work on Newfound Adventure, the forthcoming first major content patch for Endwalker.

Here we are with the good news for lovers of the game “Ffxiv Little Ladies Day” that they are bringing up with an event in which the players are going to receive a chance to make more points and unlock many options for them. So this news is already creating abuzz among the players and they have been so keen to be gran the details of an upcoming event. So you guys are on the right platform as we will going to be giving all the retaliated detail of the upcoming event.

Little Ladies Day 2022 Ffxiv Event Rewards

This is consists of the duration, date, and events. So being a player of this game you will be going to get entertained a lot as the event is consist of lots of fun and entertainment. This has been the best part of the event that they are going to be given several opportunities for the game. The show or event will be going to be released and play on March 14th through the 31st. When the event has been going on you have to take a part in a quest that will be rewarded unique items, and this is almost around its Little Lady’s Crown.

In charge to snag this item, make sure you have at least one job leveled to 15, and then speak with Marabel in Ul’dah’s Steps of Naled [X:10.7, Y:8.7].

Ffxiv Little Ladies Day Event Rewards

“Every girl has the right to deserve to feel like a princess, and so once again Ul’dah is dressed in precious peach-colored décor to celebrate Little Ladies’ Day. So too are the realm’s celebrants dressed in their finest fashion, all hoping to be crowned winners in this year’s Little Ladies’ Day walk-off! If you believe you have what it takes to be a style icon, there may be someone willing to help as you strut your way to victory.”

In the addition, it is also necessary for you to be on a new iteration of the  Moogle Treasure Trove event and this will going to continue to be the launch of patch 6.1. By completing several and some of the important duties in this way you will earn Allagan Tombstones.