Logan Losurdo is found dead after more than 3-month long disappearance. See who are his parents and death cause in the following article.

Logan Losurdo’s remains have been found on a shoreline after around a 4-month long search operation after he went missing on November 26, 2021.

20-year-old Logan was a former Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College student who had been a school vice-president.

According to authorized sources, his decomposed body was found 11 days ago but did not pass the identification until Monday. 

Following the news, concerned people have taken over the Internet to give sympathy to his loved ones and discuss the cause of his death. 

Plus, they are also desperate to learn about his parents. So, here are all the details you seek.


Logan Losurdo Found Dead At Soldiers Beach

Around 11 am on Thursday, March 10, the police reached the Soldiers Beach at Norah Head after they were called to report the human remains which was in a state of decomposition.

 Shortly after reaching there, authorized people established a crime scene and started an investigation.

Because of the delicate situation of the remains, it took the department 11 days to identify them as the remains of Logan Losurdo. 

Logan was spotted at about 1.15 am on Friday, November 26, on CCTV footage talking to an unidentified man on Pebble Beach Ave in Magenta.

Who Are The Missing Teen’s Parents?

It is an unforgetful tragedy for the parents of Logan Losurdo. The parents who were hopeful for their son’s safe return now have to accept the fact that he will be home no more.

Coming onto their identification, there are a few pictures of his mother on the Internet. Still, none of them help to get a grip on her name and personal data.

Similarly, there are no details of his father too. 

They were already devastated by his missing, and now they have to face this unexpected event.  

Let’s wish for their strength to get along with the bitter truth. 

Logan Losurdo Death Cause

Until now, no reports have clearly stated the reason behind his death. 

According to the police investigation, he could have a relation with a possible drug debt.

However, they are not officially proven and the investigation is working on to shade light for the cause. 

Thereby, for now, all we can do is wait until the case gets completely unraveled.