Lorraine Kelly: Reigning Queen Of Daytime TV Earnings, Surpassing Holly Willoughby

In the realm of daytime TV, Lorraine Kelly has emerged as the reigning cash queen, outpacing even the beloved Holly Willoughby in earnings. The 63-year-old chat show host’s financial prowess is evident in her substantial assets, as revealed by recently filed accounts. With assets worth nearly £4 million and an impressive £2.8 million in cash reserves, Lorraine Kelly’s financial standing is nothing short of remarkable. Furthermore, her company, Albatel, reported a profit of over £500,000 in the past year alone.

The annual accounts for Albatel shed light on the financial strength of Lorraine’s business empire. Total assets amounted to an impressive £4,246,037, which included £2,797,212 held in a bank account, over £1 million owed by debtors, and an investment portfolio valued at £358,408. After clearing outstanding debts, the net worth of Lorraine’s firm stood at £3,986,886, representing an increase of over £200,000 compared to the previous year. These figures solidify Lorraine Kelly’s position as one of the most influential women in the broadcasting industry.

Her financial success places her comfortably ahead of fellow ITV daytime TV hosts, including Holly Willoughby, Ruth Langsford, and Alison Hammond. Ruth Langsford, a star of Loose Women, boasts a fortune of £3.3 million through her company Hey Ho, derived from her television work and range at shopping channel QVC. Former ITV personality Phillip Schofield, at 61 years old, follows closely with available accounts showing £2.5 million under his company Fistral Productions Ltd. Holly Willoughby, at 42 years old, logged £1.5 million for her company Roxy Media Ltd. Although Alison Hammond’s showbiz career is flourishing, her accounts currently display a balance of only £133,000.

Dermot O’Leary, another host of This Morning, does not channel his earnings through a limited company. Nonetheless, he was estimated to be worth £2.7 million in 2021 by Spear’s Magazine. These financial revelations come amidst a challenging period for the ITV talent pool, following the scandal that engulfed This Morning when presenter Phillip Schofield admitted to a sexual relationship with a much younger runner.

Lorraine Kelly’s financial triumphs extend beyond her daytime TV career. In 2019, she successfully overturned a £1.2 million tax bill after a court ruled that she was self-employed while working for ITV. HM Revenue & Customs had issued the bill in 2016, alleging that Lorraine had evaded taxes by accepting payments through her limited company. However, Judge Jennifer Dean recognized that Lorraine had created a unique “persona,” akin to a “theatrical artist,” allowing her to classify payments to her agent as tax-deductible expenses.

As the dust settles on the financial landscape of daytime TV hosts, Lorraine Kelly stands tall as the reigning queen, not only for her charismatic presence on screen but also for her astute business acumen. Her financial achievements serve as a testament to her enduring popularity and the shrewdness with which she manages her career. Lorraine’s reign as the highest-earning daytime TV host is a testament to her talent, resilience, and unwavering dedication to her craft.