Love After Lockup Season 4 Cast Details: Season 4 of Love After Lockup is one of the most famous and entertaining reality television series. It is a highly watched reality television series as it contains lots of content. After fans get to know about the show, they became curious and started to search for it. The series was premiered on 04 March 2022 on We TV. They do not want to miss the upcoming episode of the show. It consists of 5 episodes out of which 4 episodes have been released. Currently,  people have been searching to know details about the upcoming episode and its cast. In this article, you will get all information about the show and its episodes. Follow More Update On

Love After Lockup Season 4 Cast

Love After Lockup Season 4 has been released on 04 March 2022. It airs on Friday at 9 pm EST. The show is also available on the AMC streaming service ALLBLK with the new episodes on Tuesdays, after the premiere on We TV. The show features five new couples and a fan-favorite couple from Love During Lockup. A total of 10 episodes of Love After Lockup will be 90-minute long. It will show the couple who are in love with each other but also dealing with issues, mysteries, doubts, and some unexpected surprises.

Love After Lockup Season 4 Cast Details

Love After Lockup is a reality television series, chronicling the lives of recently dropped felons and their significant others. The star cast of the show is mentioned below:

Indie and Harry

Indie and Harry (Beltsville, MD)

These two are the fan-favorite couple from another series Love During Lockup. They have appeared on the show to give another chance to each other. They are hoping that they will come together again through this show.

Kevin and Tiffany

Kevin and Tiffany (Arlington, TX)

Kevin fell in love with Tiffany first but before making their relationship official, Tiffany went to prison. Now, they want to pick up where they left.

Taylor and Chance

Taylor and Chance (Elsberry, MO)

Taylor and Chance fell in love with each other through phone calls when Chance was behind the bars. He called her to talk to her ex-boyfriend but they started talking and started feeling for each other. Now, they want to make their relationship official.

Raydean and Rick

 Raydean and Rick (Cedar Park, TX)

Ray and Rick are a couple who have an age difference between them. Rick is 20 years younger than Ray. Still, they want to explore their relationship.

Kaylah and Martel

Kaylah and Martel (Atlanta, GA)

Lacey and Antoine

The couple met each other at a party and fell in love with each other. After a while, Martel got prisoned and now they want to start where they left.

Lacey and Antoine (Snohomish, WA)

The couple met each other through their friend. Later, Antoine got arrested and was prisoned. After all this, now the couple wants to explore their relationship.

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