In 1999, Mahima Chaudhry’s face was severely damaged in a car accident. She reflects on how it influenced her life as she eventually shared her near-death experience.

Mahima Chaudhary is one of the few Bollywood actresses who has built a name for herself from her debut.

She became well-known after releasing his first picture, Pardes with With Shah Rukh Khan and Sanjay Dutt’s Daag The Fire. After a few years, though, Mahima disappeared from the spotlight.

However, the actress explains why she left Bollywood while at the pinnacle of her career. Unlike other actresses who marry and put their careers on hold, Mahima had to put her career on hold owing to a terrifying accident that nearly killed her.


Mahima Chaudhary Car Accident: Glass Pieces Removal

In an interview with Pinkvilla, Mahima Chaudhary spoke about an accident she had while filming Dil Kya Kare, which is produced by Ajay Devgn and Kajol’s production company.

While on her way to the studio for a shoot in Bengaluru, she recalled how a truck slammed into her car, shattering the glass and severely injuring her face.

The actress underwent surgery to remove about 67 glass pieces from her face, following which she slowed down her career and dropped some projects.

“I felt I was dying,” the actress once said, “and no one even helped me get to the hospital at that time.”

My mother and Ajay arrived much later after we arrived at the hospital, and they proceeded to talk. When I got up, I looked in the mirror and witnessed the horror. They removed 67 glass pieces from my body during surgery.”

Because of her mishap, Mahima had to let go of several films about her kitty during that time. However, she did not want this incident to be made public at the time because she was afraid that people would not be supportive of her.

“If I had discussed it at the time and revealed that I had cut myself like this, they would have said… ‘ah, iska toh chehra kharab ho gaya (her face is damaged), let’s sign someone else,” the actress continued in an interview.

What Happened To Mahima Chaudhary?

As Mahima Chaudhary has undergone a severe car accident, she has to distance herself from a silver screen.

She later resumed her acting career with cameo roles and guest appearances. Neeta Lulla then persuaded Mahima to shoot a song for Pyaar Koi Khel Nahi alongside Sunny Deol. Even Akshay Kumar enlisted her for a cameo in his film Dhadkan.

Mahima explains, “Yes, it appeared as if she had gone somewhere.” I was concealing myself. It was only because of my family that I braved it out.”

Her work suffered due to her deteriorating appearance, but her personal life was as unexceptional. Mahima Mukherjee married Bobby Mukherjee in 2006; however, the couple split in 2013. Ariana, the couple’s daughter, resides with Mahima. Ariana is cared for solely by Mahima.