Devon Pravesh, played by Manish Dayal, is a doctor whose admirers wonder if he would quit the series The Resident.

Manish Dayal’s Devon Pravesh has been a vital component of FOX’s medical series ‘The Resident’ from its inaugural episode.

Pravesh’s progression from resident intern to attending physician under the supervision of Conrad Hawkins is one of the show’s most exciting plot arcs.


Is Manish Dayal’s Devon Pravesh Leaving The Resident?

Fans of the program were concerned about Devon Pravesh’s future away from Chastain’s ER when he decided to manage a research experiment.

Kincaid Sullivan comes at Chastain, determined to impress everyone in the department, from Conrad to Kit. Devon recognizes Dr. Sullivan’s ability and suggests that she be appointed as his replacement in the hierarchy.

As Kincaid settles in nicely with Chastain, the only issue is whether her entrance would lead to Devon’s final appearance on the program.

According to Amy, Pravesh and the trial will be featured in forthcoming episodes, as will a critical patient joining the experiment.

In a February 2022 interview, Andrew Chapman, another EP of the program, indicated that the show would examine the problems and predicaments Pravesh confronts as he continues to turn himself into a scientist while battling the instincts of a doctor.

Given these considerations, it is assumed that Manish Dayal will continue to appear in ‘The Resident.’ Pravesh’s followers may see him growing with his research while consolidating his bond with Leela in the forthcoming episodes.

Pravesh’s tale may also include numerous additional people participating in the trial to reflect the scope and gravity of such problems in the real world.

Meet Devon Pravesh Girlfriend

Devon Pravesh and Priya are engaged in the series The Resident. Priya presented Pravesh with an engraved watch with the name ‘Dr. Devon Pravesh’ on his first day.

Due to his affections for Julian Booth, Pravesh called off their engagement just before their wedding.

Booth and Pravesh developed an affection for each other while working together at the hospital, where Pravesh left Priya because of them. Booth departed Atlanta before they could continue their connection.

Nadine Suheimat was initially Pravesh’s VIP patient; following her treatment, Suheimat returned to the hospital to see Pravesh, which resulted in their beginning of a romance, which terminated offscreen.

During Season 4, Leela Devi and Pravesh worked on several cases together and were even paired up by a matchmaker. Despite Pravesh’s rejection, Devi and Pravesh resumed dating after Season 4 and moved in together in Season 5.

Manish Dayal Net Worth: How Rich?

Manish Dayal’s net worth is approax $2 million by Celebworth. Dayal makes his living mainly as an actor.

Dayal has enjoyed a good life because of the money he has made through his acting career. In 2008, Dayal starred in The New Group’s twice-extended off-Broadway production Rafta, Rafta.

In minor roles, Manish appeared in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and Paula van der Oest’s Domino Effect. Manish also appeared in the romantic comedy Walkaway, set in New York and explores love and culture.

In 2010 and 2011, Dayal starred as Ravi, the cocky A-team captain on NBC’s Outsourced. In the third and fourth seasons of The CW’s 90210, Dayal portrayed Raj Kher, an alternative college student recuperating from cancer.