Mark Cuban Has 3 Kids With Wife Tiffany Stewart – An Inside Look At His Family



You are probably familiar with Mark Cuban. He is the always smiling Billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks and a leading Shark on ABC’s Shark Tank. If you are not into sports or reality television, you have probably seen him in tons of cameos across TV and movies. Yet, while Mark Cuban’s face his everywhere, his family cuts a more reserved figure.

The Pittsburgh-born billionaire lives a relatively simple life, one that includes being an active father in the lives of his three children and a husband to his wife of 18 years. It is a surprising dynamic for a man with his wealth status, and here is the story of how this wholesome family came to be.

Mark Cuban Met His Wife in a Gym

Thanks to the explosion in the popularity of fitness exercises in recent years, a lot of marriage stories in the future will start from the gym, but before working out became cool, it was already the meeting ground for a few successful marriages.

In line with his routine, on a fateful day in 1997, Mark Cuban walked into a gym for a workout session. There, he met Tiffany Stewart, an advertising saleswoman. At the time, Mark was already worth a hundred of millions of dollars, but he was still single.

Growing up, Cuban was not always the smoothest with women and infamously couldn’t land a date to his high school prom, but having made some money, and learned a few tricks as an adult, his meeting with Tiffany blossomed into something deeper. At 28 years old, she was fourteen years younger when they met, but, as they say, age is just a number and not a determinant of love.

The lovebirds dated for five years as their love grew and knew no bounds. Then, they decided to take it a step higher. After he bought a 24,000 square-foot chateau in Dallas worth $13 million, the two of them moved in together. Two years after, they walked down the aisle on 21st September 2002. They held their wedding ceremony in a private ceremony at Barbados.

Mark Became a Dad for the First Time at the Age of 45

Mark Cuban, more than the expected skepticism from his humongous wealth, had zero interest in marriage. According to him, the idea of committing a significant amount of time to one person was inconceivable to him.

However, after meeting Tiffany, the tide began to turn, eventually leading to marriage and his first child, one year after. The couple welcomed their first child, a daughter, Alexis, in 2003. They gave birth to their second daughter, Alyssa, in 2006. Their third and last born, a son, Jake, was born in 2010.

The family live together in their Dallas mansion, but also have a 7,800 square foot mansion in Laguna Beach, California. Cuban bought it in 2018 for $19 million. The house has nine bedrooms, a media room, an outdoor pool, and a theatre.

But while the family’s wealth gives them access to most luxuries and resources, Mark and Tiffany have sought to keep their family grounded.

How Mark Cuban and Tiffany Stewart Raise Their Children

When Mark initially bought his Dallas mansion, his wife, Tiffany, called it ‘impractical.’ She insisted they were a middle-class family, and a large house with spaces they did not need was unnecessary. So committed was she to her belief in a modest life that she continued using her Honda vehicle, long after she and Mark got together.

If Mark Cuban’s insight into the family’s parenting style is anything to go by, it appears that philosophy has seeped into the heart of the charismatic billionaire. According to him, besides the reality of living a colossal mansion, they keep their children grounded.

During their childhood years, they only had a nanny during workweeks and weekend mornings. The family also doesn’t have private chefs or butlers. Mark and Tiffany do the cooking and put the children to bed.

Also, in the Cuban-Stewart family, great emphasis is placed on reading and less on phones. The family has a phone curfew, and Mark has a program that shuts down internet connectivity when they don’t comply.

The curfew not only curbs their children’s dependency on their phones but also improves the quality of family time. Known for sharing his life with his children, Mark and his family are active participants on vacations on the beach or Disneyland.

Rather than give their children money whenever they want something, they encourage them to get a job and save up. In Cuban’s words, he doesn’t want to raise ‘entitled jerks.’ The billionaire, who grew up in a working-class family and got his start working as a bartender clearly wants to pass the work ethic that made him wealthy to his children.

Their Marriage Has Weathered Its Share of Storms

Ever since their union, there hasn’t been any sign of divorce or separation despite allegations made against Mark by a woman named Barrel. She claimed Mark assaulted her while posing for a photo with her in a Portland nightclub in 2011.

The case was, however, dropped due to a lack of evidence to prove the woman’s claim of Mark reaching down to her pants while they took the photo. More so, a urologist opined that Cuban’s hand is too large to commit such an assault.

As for its impact on Cuban’s family, the ordeal did not have any significant effect on their marriage, and his kids have remained proud children of their father. The dismissal of the allegation is part of the strength of his image as a family man.

As one, Mark Cuban not only has a social media presence that features his family a lot, but they have also been known to attend several events together. On his show, Shark Tank, he has made repeated references to his wife, and products he believes they would enjoy. Simply put, Cuban’s family is at the centre of his life, a massive turnaround for a man who once found committing his life to one person unconceivable.,