Matilda Ledger’s mother, Michelle Williams, spoke openly about the sweet relationship of Matilda with actor Jeremy Strong as he looked at Matilda and herself after Heath Ledger’s death.

Matilda Ledger is known as the celebrity kid. Her father, Heath Ledger, was a prominent Australian actor and music video director. He passed away on January 22, 2008, at a young age. He was 28. 

Moreover, Matilda is in her teenage age now and following her dreams. She is a student and hasn’t been involved in any job lately. 

The public figure Matilda has an Instagram page with the username @matildaledger. She has over three thousand followers. She usually shares her childhood pictures along with her mother. Michelle adores her daughter as always. 

This article will let you learn more about Matilda Williams, the daughter of Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams.


Details On Matilda Ledger’s Mother Michelle Williams And Dad Heath Ledger

Matilda Ledger’s mother, Michelle Williams, spilled the tea on May 10 about how Jeremy Williams moved in with her and looked after her kid after Heath’s demise in 2018, said the source People. She bragged about Matilda’s sweet relationship with actor Jeremy Strong. 

The relationship timeline between Michelle and Heath lasted for over three years. The pair set their eyes on the set of 2004’s ‘Brokeback Mountain’ and dated for three years before his passing. During that time, Michelle became the mother of Heath’s child. Heath and Michelle share a 16-year-old daughter, Matilda Ledger, whom Williams has raised since he died following acute combined drug intoxication. The pair broke up in 2007, a source confirmed.

Where Is Matilda Ledger Now? What Is She Doing?

Matilda Ledger, aged 16, was in New York, and she decided to move in with her family in Australia, as per The Sun. She lived a blissful life there with her mother, 41, stepdad Thomas Kail, and 1-year-old sibling.

Whatsoever, it’s not clear which career she might choose in the future. Will she walk in her father’s footsteps? Whatever she does in her upcoming day, she might be as successful as her father. 

We’ll provide further insights about her in the upcoming days. Stay with us. 

Matilda Ledger Net Worth In 2022 Explored

Matilda Ledger’s net worth in 2022 is yet to release in the media. But, she is a multimillionaire, based on some tabloids. She inherited her later father, Heath’s millions of property. 

At the time of death, Heath’s net worth is around $20 million. His career was in the hype, but sadly, he died at 3 p.m. EST on January 22, 2008.

Although Matilda hasn’t engaged in any job lately, she is living a standard life.