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Jhonier Leal Hernandez is not listed on the Wikipedia official page.

Jhonier, like Mauricio, is a stylist who has owned and operated his own hair salon in Bogotá’s northwestern district of El Polo for over 25 years.

His expertise is keratin straightening, which made his hairdresser famous.

Despite the fact that he does not appear to be the only owner, his ex-partner would be his partner in this business, which has been in turmoil since the November 22 incident.

Hernandez Leal is the brother of Mauricio Leal and the son of Marleny Hernández, both of whom were slain on November 22 at their house in La Calera.

Jhonier was one of the suspects from the beginning owing to the peculiar circumstances, but he was not apprehended by the CTI of the Prosecutor’s Office until January 14, almost two months later.

He pled not guilty at the charge’s hearing on January 17, but in an unexpected change of events, Jhonier Leal admitted the allegations.

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The image of the lifeless bodies of renowned stylist Mauricio Leal and his mother, Marleny Hernández, who were murdered at their apartment in a complex on the road to La Calera, was released by the Prosecutor’s Office.

The photograph, which shows two dead laying on a bed, is horrific. The image was disclosed by the prosecution at the hearing to charge Jhonier Leal, Mauricio’s brother, with a double crime.

The Prosecutor’s Office recalled the events of the murder that claimed the lives of stylist Mauricio Leal and his mother, Marleny Hernández, in chronological order.

Mauricio and Marleny were murdered in their home, according to the prosecutor. Jhonier entered his mother’s room and brutally murdered her, according to the Prosecutor’s Office. Then he assaulted his brother with the same knife, “with such bad luck that the knife or its blade got trapped in Mauricio’s body.”

Out of financial interest, Jhonier battered his brother with his fists before stabbing him with the knife, according to the prosecutor’s delegate.

After murdering him, Jhonier, like his mother, manipulated the scene by using gloves, detergents, and other items to wipe the blood from both the rooms and the stairs, according to the prosecution.