On Tuesday in Uvalde, Texas, off-duty Border Patrol agent Jacob Albarado hurried to Robb Elementary School to seek his daughter, who had requested assistance after the horrific shooting that murdered 19 kids and two instructors.

After his wife texted him that there was an active shooter Salvador Ramos, border patrol agent Jacob Albarado bravely ran into Robb Elementary School with his barber’s shotgun and saved numerous children and his daughter.

He was an off-duty US Customs and Border Protection agent at the time. On Tuesday, the Border Patrol agent was mid-trim when his wife sent him a terrifying text warning him about the horrific shooting at a school in Uvalde, a population of approximately 15,000 people near the Mexican border.

The off-duty cop quickly switched gears, his instincts from years in the force almost immediately kicking in. Albarado and his barber, shotgun in hand, dashed to the scene of the mass massacre. When they arrived at the elementary school, they learned that a tactical force had already assembled and was preparing to attack the building, but Albarado insisted on assisting.

Agent Jacob Albarado of the Uvalde Border Patrol

As previously stated, Jacob Albarado, a Uvalde border patrol agent, was off duty and at his barbershop when he received a message from his wife, a teacher, warning him that she and their daughter, a student, were in danger at Robb Elementary School from an active shooter.

Albarado grabbed a shotgun from his barber and dashed to the scene. Albarado arrived at the school to find a tactical squad preparing to approach the wing where the gunman, Salvador, was holed up.

With the help of other cops on the scene, the hero cop immediately devised a strategy. So, with their pistols drawn, two officers provided cover while two others led the youngsters out onto the pavement. He hugged his daughter, Jayda, when he finally spotted her and continued to move the other children along.

Find out more about Jacob Albarado’s age and wiki

Taking a look at some of Jacob Albarado’s photos, we can estimate that he is between the ages of 28 and 35. Albarado’s exact age, however, is unknown due to the fact that none of the officials have given his birth information.

Furthermore, Albarado recently gained notoriety after saving the lives of numerous children imprisoned in Robb Elementary School, where a fatal shooting was carried out by Salvador Ramos, an 18-year-old assailant. Albarado is a Customs and Border Protection agent, as previously stated.

Trisha Albarado is Jacob Albarado’s wife

Jacob Albarado is blissfully married to Trisha, a fourth-grade teacher at Robb Elementary School, as we all know. The couple has been married for quite some time and continues to live together.

In addition, the couple has three children: two sons, Zachary and Jordan, and a daughter, Jayda. With his incredible manoeuvre and contribution to the horrific Texas school massacre, Albarado has made everyone proud.