Bailey Simic has moved on from her tragic story as the daughter of a killer father and is happily living her life away from the past life..

ABC’s 20/20 had brought forward the distressing case of Donnah Winger’s murder by her husband, Mark Winger.

Although the case was initially closed and a third person, Roger Harrington, was named the murderer, that was not the case. Donnah and Roger’s death cases were reopened, and Mark was found to be the ultimate culprit behind the two tragic deaths at his home.

In all the ruckus, Bailey Simic, Mark, and Donaah’s only child had to face the harsh reality of her parents.


Where Is Mark Winger Daughter Bailey Simic Today?

Bailey Simic is living her happy life in Kentucky today. An avid looker for a fun life, she travels, attends parties, and is dedicated to her job as a Manager at Panera Bread.

According to her LinkedIn, the eldest Simic child is a 2-17 graduate of Western Kentucky University. Meanwhile, she has been working with the Panera Bread since 2014.

A fun-loving person, Bailey recently attended Alabama Comic-Con, where she cosplayed with her team as a character from the anime series “Demon Slayer.”

Bailey still resides in Louisville with her mother and siblings while she takes her time off to relax for her holidays.

Meet Bailey Simic Family And Step Mom Rebecca Simic

Bailey Simic is close to her stepmom Rebecca Simic, who happens to be her nanny at first. After her mother’s death, her father, Mark, hired Rebecca to look over a three-month-old Bailey.

Rebecca and Mark soon fell in love, eloped, and started a big family with the birth of three other children.

After Mark was convicted, Rebecca relocated to Kentucky, where she raised the four children on her own and even changed their last name to Simic to prevent them from the bully.

Bailey, Rebecca, Anna, Maggie, and Ben are all in Kentucky, away from their father’s wrongdoings.

Bailey’s Instagram handle gives all insights into her important life events showing that she shares an inseparable bond with her stepmother and her half-siblings.

Is Bailey Simic Father Mark Winger In Jail? His Status

Bailey Simic’s father’s status as a convicted murderer had served him a life sentence. Mark Winger is currently incarcerated at Western Illinois Correctional Center in Brown County.

In 2002, he was sentenced to life in prison without parole for the murders of his late wife Donnah and the shuttle driver Roger Harrington.

However, Mark was again convicted for solicitation of murder in June 2007. He had asked his fellow prison mate to murder his ex-girlfriend DeAnn Schultz and his best friend Jeffrey Gelman to murder them.

Hence, the court added another 35-year sentence to his existing life-without-parole sentence. Mar was angry at DeAnn for testifying against him at court, while Gelman angered him for not paying a $1 million release bond.

Meanwhile, the prison had granted a “rare jailhouse interview” to 20/20 to cover Mark’s story in 2021.