Meet Mike Tyson’s Brother Rodney Tyson; Is He A Brain Surgeon?



Meet Mike Tyson’s Brother Rodney Tyson: The Accomplished Surgeon

In the world of boxing, Mike Tyson’s name has become synonymous with power, knockout punches, and an incredible rise to stardom. But beyond the boxing ring, there is another Tyson – Rodney Tyson, Mike’s older brother, who followed a different path and found success as a surgeon.

Growing up, the two brothers had a significant age gap, which led to a lack of common interests. Mike Tyson, as the younger sibling, had a troubled youth, facing numerous arrests even before reaching his teenage years. Raised mainly by their mother, Mike and Rodney didn’t have a close bond. In his book “Undisputed Truth,” published in 2014, Mike Tyson admitted they didn’t have much in common, and he described Rodney as “a weird dude.”

Several incidents exemplify the disconnect between the two brothers. Rodney’s fascination with science and experiments clashed with Mike’s upbringing in the ghetto. Mike once recounted how he caused chaos in Rodney’s room, inadvertently starting a fire, while attempting to replicate one of his brother’s scientific experiments.

Their relationship became further strained when Mike, in a typical sibling altercation, cut Rodney with a razor while he was asleep. While reminiscing, Mike shared a humorous yet mischievous memory of how he and his sister pretended to be doctors and performed a makeshift surgery on Rodney’s arm, leaving him with scars that endure to this day.

Despite their differences, both brothers found success in their respective careers. Mike Tyson carved a legendary boxing career, winning 50 professional fights, 44 via knockout, and becoming one of the most formidable fighters of his time. On the other hand, Rodney Tyson pursued a path in medicine, becoming a prominent surgeon known for his expertise in trauma care. He has saved lives by removing bullets from gunshot victims and stitching up wounds, earning him admiration from those he has treated.

In a candid moment, Mike Tyson admitted that his brother had not read his book, which delves into their challenging upbringing. Rodney’s career trajectory as a successful surgeon seemed to have distanced him from the memories of their impoverished past. Despite the lack of communication between them, Mike acknowledged Rodney’s exceptional skills as a surgeon, praising him for the important work he does in saving lives.

Rodney Tyson has maintained a low profile when it comes to discussing his famous brother. He appears to prefer letting his work as a surgeon speak for itself rather than dwelling on their shared past. In the mid-1990s, Rodney briefly mentioned Mike in an interview, expressing his satisfaction as long as Mike was engaged in productive pursuits that didn’t involve trouble with the law.

Today, Rodney Tyson continues to make a difference as a talented surgeon, choosing to keep his family life private and not riding on the coattails of his brother’s fame. While the brothers may have taken different paths, their individual successes showcase the diversity of human potential and the power of perseverance in achieving greatness.