NBA star Spencer Dinwiddie has not yet formally accepted Arielle Roberson as his wife. Learn about their relationship.

Spencer Dinwiddie is a professional NBA player currently playing from Washington Wizard. He recently moved to the club after his injury was over and has been in incredible form lately.

We have an interesting fact to share regarding his love life. Learn about the athlete and know his relationship with his wife or girlfriend. Also, find the details on his marriage and updates on his Instagram profile.

Arielle Roberson- Is she the wife of NBA Spencer Dinwiddie?

No, Arielle Roberson is not the wife of the NBA player Spencer Dinwiddie. They were college-time lovers and started dating when they first met in Colorado while he was a college team player, and his girl was a fresher student.

Arielle is the sister of Andre Roberson, who is an active basketball player from the Brooklyn Nets. She was inspired into sports by her father and siblings and used to play from the NCCA Division.

She is not available on any of her social media profiles. The long-term girlfriend of the NBA player has maintained a quite secretive lifestyle while the fans are very much interested to learn about her life details.

It is surprising to know the fact that her brother and boyfriend are teammates. They were associated with the same team in the NBA until 2021, when Spencer made a transfer this season.

Spencer Dinwiddie Married Life- His Girlfriend Arielle Roberson announces a baby.

The NBA player Spencer Dinwiddie and his girlfriend Arielle Roberson have a son named Elijah Dinwiddie. Despite giving birth to their son, the couple has not announced anything about their marriage.

He recently celebrated his victory with his son. He holds and hugs him right after his match while the crowd had cheered for them and capture the beautiful moment on their phones.

Meanwhile, his girlfriend was not present with them. She hasn’t been seen in public in a long time, and admirers are already speculating about their connection.

Find NBA Star Spencer Dinwiddie on Instagram

The 28-year-old NBA player Spencer Dinwiddie is found on the Instagram handle. He frequently updates his life events and activities on the platform and is followed by more than 270k followers.

He is found to be mostly sharing his training videos on his profile. We rarely get the chance to see the player posting about his better half and the close people associated with his life.,