Who Is Misti Collins?

Misti is the woman, who lost her three sons in the recent violent crime in Texas. The kids have been identified as 18-year-old Waylon Collins, 16-year-old Carson Collins, and 11-year-old Hudson Collins.

They were with their 11-year-old cousin Bryson Collins and grandfather Mark Collins; all of them lost their lives. This gruesome murder has been blamed on Gonzalo; however, the investigation is still going on, and more updates can be expected soon.

Misti works as a fifth-grade teacher in Farney Elementary School. She is married to Chris Collins, and they lost all their children to the incident. The kids were visiting their grandparents when the gruesome murder occurred.

Who Are The Collins Family Members Killed?

Five people were killed by the Collins family; the people killed were a grandfather and four grandsons visiting him. The police have accused this crime of fugitive Lopez, who escaped the incarceration.

He has been killed by the police as of now. The internet has been filled with condolences and sympathies for the deceased kids and their grandfather. People are also expressing their support for the Collins family.

go fund me page has been established to assist the family. The target of $350,000 has been set and so far it is about to reach $300,000. Many people have come forward to help the family with the pain.

Misti Collins Relationship With Texas Convict Gonzalo Lopez

As of now, there does not seem to be any relationship between Misti and Collins’s family with Lopez, so personal vendetta cannot be the motive for the crime. The crime motive is still unclear.

Lopez is a convicted felon who was serving his sentence; however, he managed to escape when he was transported to a medical facility for his appointment. He then went missing, and a massive force was applied to search for him.

This incident is the second incident in Texas in a short time span since the Ulvade shooting that has shooked the entire nation.