We are back with the written update of the Colors Tv serial named “Molkki”. The episode begins with Purvi and Virender as They both reach the auction venue. Purvi is worried as she came here for helping Virender. Virender looks at her and understands what is going on in her mind. He texts her by saying don’t feel scared as he is with her. Virender holds her hands and entered the venue. Later, the Host of the auction announces that the auction will start in some time. He says that all the parties can use the card which is keeping on the table.

Purvi sees that man who came to her house and speaking someone else about the land. Purvi wonder if he also came here to buy that land. After a while, the auction starts, Virender was writing the amount on the card and Purvi announces the amount. After few minutes, Virender bid 85 lakhs. Purvi says this is a big amount and thinks if she announces it or not. Virender asks her to announce. she announced. After that, a party bid 1 lakh. Virender bid 1 crore 10 lakhs. Purvi refuses to announce it. When Virender tries to announce the amount, she stopped him also and they lost the auction. Virender gets angry with her and he made the mistake to take her with him.

They reached home. Purvi prepares Kada for Virender. Virender was thinking about the auction in his room. Purvi comes and gives her kada but she refuses to take Kada. She says that he is upset with her but she senses that something is fishy with that land. That’s why she didn’t announce the amount. Virender says that he wants to make a mill in that land. Meanwhile, Purvi hugs him. Virender says that he will not forgive her for doing this. Purvi says that Manas is standing at the door. If he sees them fighting, he will again start crying. Virender hugged her.

Later, Kids, Purvi, and Virender are practicing for the annual function for kids. Mama comes there and says that what happened in the auction. He says to him that he lost the auction because of Purvi. Prakash comes there and asks them to switch on the TV. They see on TV that the person who bought that land has arrests because that land was under the government. Everyone gets shocked to see the news. Mama says that if Virender bought that land, he would be behind the bars. Later, Vaibhav plans to ruin Virender’s life. Episode ends. Don’t miss the upcoming episode of Molkki.