Derek Nygaard from Montana Tech is a former football player who avoids jail time despite being convicted of raping two women.

Recently a college football player admitted to raping two of his friends. Even though he was convicted of the felony, he will not be jailed. This has shocked netizens around the globe.

Let’s get to know about the sex offender, Derek Nygaard, and his victim’s bizarre idea of forgiving him.




Who Is Derek Nygaard From Montana Tech?

Derek Nygaard is a 20-year-old man who went to Montana Tech for his studies. However, he is longer a part of it after two women accused him of assaulting them. This case ran for close to two years when he finally got sentenced.

He was also an aspiring football player who showed so much potential then. People did hype him to play as he could be chosen by professionals and continue his career at the national and international levels.

Little did the community know about Nygaard’s deeds and his fate in the coming days. He was alleged to have raped a drunk woman who went to him for help at midnight. Likewise, the other one was in a brief relationship with him and explained her being sexually abused by him.

Derek Nygaard Sentence Details

Rape is a crime that can hold a person to 20 years in jail. This is a serious case and as Derek had already turned 18, he could more or less be sentenced to prison for the mentioned years.

His deed was first reported by his ex-girlfriend in 2020 claiming that he assaulted her while he was drunk, covering her mouth, barely letting her speak, and raped her. He went to complain a week after the incident.

The second woman was raped a month earlier and she also added to the report done by his former partner. The identities of both the girls have been hidden considering the privacy law.



Derek Nygaard Avoids Jail Time – Case Update

Derek was in no prison plea bargain but was forgiven by his victims. They stated that they would not want anyone to go through the tiresome experience of serving the prison.

They further added that the motive for them filing the case was to prevent other girls from going through what they had to go through. Hence, Nygaard will be up for counseling for six years as per the verdict. He will only be sent to prison if he does not change regardless of his time in rehabilitation.