Feebie McIntosh’s name is everywhere on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites as she was shot on the Sunshine Coast. Feebie died of a gunshot wound.

A second man has been charged in the suspected murder of Feebie McIntosh, a 25-year-old Sunshine Coast woman.

After an altercation at a Dicky Beach property, the young woman was transported to Caloundra Base Hospital in critical condition on Friday morning. She had gunshot wounds to her head.

Ms. Mclntosh succumbed to her injuries a short time later. On Friday night, a 30-year-old Narangba man was accused of her murder and denied bail.


Who Is Feebie McIntosh On Facebook?

The case of Feebie Mclntosh has become a hot topic across the web including on Facebook, Twitter, and news websites.

Her close relatives, family, friends, and people who knew her have provided condolences and tributes to her name on Facebook and Twitter after the sad event.

McIntosh was allegedly transported to the hospital by a 58-year-old guy she knew. A second 30-year-old Wurtulla man has now been charged with her murder.

“The men and women knew one other,” police stated Tuesday, “but preliminary investigations suggest this is not a domestic-related event.”

Ms. McIntosh and Mr. Cotten were known to each other, according to police, but preliminary investigations indicate the alleged murder was not related to domestic violence.

It’s believed the two were together when the alleged shooting occurred, and they were both friends with the woman who owned the residence.

Feebie McIntosh Death Cause Is Gunshot Wound

Feebie Mclntosh has faced an untimely demise and the cause behind her death was revealed to be the wound due to the gunshot.

On Friday morning, McIntosh was allegedly shot in the head following an incident at a property on Coolum St in Dicky Beach.

Both the 58-year-old male and the Dicky Beach resident are willing to help with questions. The Dicky Beach property has been turned into a crime scene, and homicide investigators are on the case.

The event was described as a “disturbance” by police, who said that after the alleged shooting, a 58-year-old man drove Ms. McIntosh to a nearby hospital, where she later died.

A second guy, also 30, was arrested on Sunday and charged with murder, unlawful possession of a category A weapon, two charges of possessing hazardous narcotics, and one count each of tainted property, reckless operation of a motor vehicle, and unlicensed driving.

He was denied bail and is scheduled to appear in court on Monday. Friends have paid tribute to Ms. McIntosh on social media, describing her as “bubbly, gorgeous, and compassionate.”

More On Feebie McIntosh Age And Wiki

Feebie Mclntosh was just at the age of 25 years old when she was shot on the Sunshine Coast.

Feebie’s family must be devasted by the news of her passing away as she was such a young age. Ms. Mclntosh was born to an Australian family and was living in Currimund.

As tragic facts of her personal life surfaced, the identity of the guy who reportedly assassinated a ‘kind and witty young woman on a peaceful street was revealed.

Feebie, of Currimundi on the Sunshine Coast, was brought to Caloundra Base Hospital by automobile after allegedly being shot in the head at 9.30 a.m. on Friday.