My Dress Up Darling Anime Release Date and Time Revealed: My Dress-up Darling is a popular and most-watched anime series that has been released its last episode on 27 March 2022. The anime has received an amazing response from the viewers. The story of the series is liked by people highly. Today (27 March), the last episode of the anime was released on its regular platform. After its end, people have several questions in their minds like whether the series will be renewed or not and some are also searching for details about its last 12th episode. In this article, we have mentioned several regarding its last episode and also about its renewal so stay tuned. Follow More Update On

My Dress Up Darling Anime Release Date

Episode 12 of My Dress-Up Darling was set to be released on 27 March 2022. It is available on Tokyo MX, GTV, AT-X, GYT, GTV, Metele, ytv, and BS11. You can also catch the episodes of My Dress-Up Girl on online streaming platforms such as Funimation and Crunchyroll but only after buying the subscription to the apps. The anime series consisted of 12 episodes and all the episodes are out now. All the interested viewers can watch them now.

In the 12th episode, you will see Gojo helping Kitgawa with her hair ribbons in her apartment and finds that her father has canceled her invitation to go to a summer festival because she didn’t do her work. She tells him that he is working as a model for a magazine to save money for an expensive camera. Later, they decide to watch a horror movie. Gojo gets nervous as she has not watched a horror movie before. By the end of it, although, he is analyzing the costumes while Kitagawa is left afraid.

My Dress Up Darling Anime Release Time

Then they visit their school to restore the math drills of Kitagawa. Gojo saves Kitagawa from sinking when she was about to fall into the pool. After finishing her homework, Kitagawa invites Gojo to the festival where they both watch fireworks together. After coming back home, Kitagawa makes a call to Gojo and says to him that she longs to hear his voice because she was afraid after watching another horror movie. In the course of their talk, Gojo falls asleep, and hearing that he has passed out, Kitagawa says to him that she loves him. So, this is what you will see in the episode if you haven’t watched it yet. If you missed watching it on TV then you can catch it on Crunchyroll or Funimation as well. Stay tuned with us for more updates.