Does NBA: OG Anunoby has a girlfriend, or is he single? Let’s find out about the love life of a basketball player. 

Anunoby is a professional basketball player who plays for Toronto Raptors. He has been on the team for more than four years.

The 2019 NBA champion is famous for his outstanding technique of offensive. He has his position as a small forward.

However, with the season tip-off, OG has become the guy for the Raptors, taking him on the more significant offensive role.

NBA: OG Anunoby Girlfriend – Who Is He Dating?

Every NBA fans are aware of the OG’s popularity. It is no doubt that he has captivated people with his charm.

Be that as it may, has any girl been successful in winning his heart? Well, for now, it does not seem like a player has found his soul mate.

Nonetheless, OG is in love with his basketball. He has always got passionate about it as early as eight years of age.

Moreover, he is still focusing on his career as an NBA player. It does not appear that any girl has taken his attention.

Although, back in 2014, he tweeted, “if your girlfriend says hey to me, that’s our girlfriend.” Well, this tweet has made a lot of “boyfriends” insecure.

As proficient and charismatic as he is, many girls must have admired him.

OG Anunoby; Explore His Real Name

24-years-old, OG goes by the real name Ogugua “OG” Anunoby Jr. Even so, he is famous in basketball by his nickname.

Regardless of what, Anunoby uses his actual name in his academic career. He completed his high school at Jefferson City HS.

During the time, he even got named as a Mr. Basketball. Further, he joined his colleagues in Indiana and got selected by The Sporting News as a Pre-season All-American.

Who Are OG Anunoby Family?

OG was born to his father Ogugua Sr and his mother, name not known yet. His parents were Nigerian living in North West London.

He had to lose his mother when he was just one year.

He grew up with his father and his older brother, Chigbo, a former NFL player. His dad used to work at Lincoln University as a finance professor.

In 2018, he had to lose his dad too. Ogugua Sr died while in sleep.

Discover OG Anunoby Net Worth

Anunoby salary in 2021 is approximately $16 million. OG’s earnings have been increasing every year, together with his progress.

Considering that, his net worth must be around $1 million to $5 million. The actual data about his net worth has not got revealed.

He is available on Instagram with the user handle @oanunoby. As a verified user, he has got 218k followers.,