A tragic occurrence occurred recently that has shook the entire country. Yes, we’re discussing a Sikh woman who was gang-raped. Everyone was taken aback by this tragic news. Another nation’s girl has been violated. This heinous crime took place in Delhi. This information has gone widespread on the internet. People have expressed concern for the girl and have prayed for her health and safety. A well-known Punjabi actress came forward to speak out in support of the victim. People have been praying for the victim’s family to be able to get through this difficult period as soon as possible. In this post, we’ll go over all of the circumstances of the occurrence, as well as what the actress had to say about it.

20-Year-Old Sikh Woman Delhi

According to the sources, the victim was humiliated by a group of people. They shaved her head, tore her garments, blackened her face, and paraded her through the neighborhood. Kasturba Nagar was the scene of the incident. The victim is a 20-year-old Sikh woman who is married. It all started when a teen boy fell in love with her and murdered himself when he didn’t have her permission. The 20-year-old woman was attacked by the boy’s family and other ladies.

Neeru Bajwa Support 20-Year-Old Sikh Woman Delhi

They first kidnapped her and imprisoned her in a room where she was tortured. She was afterwards gang-raped and had her hair cut by a bunch of males. After viciously beating her and blackening her face, they displayed her around the neighborhood. The incident’s footage has been widely circulated on the internet. People are stunned to witness such cruelty. A video exists in which the victim’s Chacha Ji describes the incident.

Neeru Bajwa, a well-known Punjabi actress, came out in favor of the victim’s family. She captioned a series of photos and videos she posted on social media. She stated that everyone involved in the incident should be arrested, and that no one who perpetrated this uncivilized behavior should be allowed to escape. “It’s all on video,” she added. There are fears that the Delhi police have been silent recently on this, so it’s critical that we put the pressure on them and demand clarity on their actions in relation to this heinous conduct and arrests.”

In her message, she also stated that the alleged rapist had been apprehended by Delhi police. She had previously shared a video from the iconic film Pink in which Amitabh Bachchan remarked that a woman or a man’s No means No.