Olivia Frazer Bridesmaid Dress: The “sweet and innocent” act of Olivia Frazer has fallen apart of Married At First Sight in recent weeks, as watchers watch more of her petty and vengeful side. But one person who was not surprised by her sudden personality shift is fellow bride Ella Ding, who asserts she watched glimpses of the cruelty of Olivia when they first met at the hens’ party at the beginning of the season. The beautician, who is a near partner of Olivia’s arch-rival Domenica Calarco, informed Yahoo Lifestyle she observed there was “something else” to the 28-year-old teaching assistant beside her apparently “lovely” and “caring” personality. Follow More Update On Princekallz.com

Olivia Frazer Bridesmaid Dress

The 27-years-old, Ella described: “The first time I met Olivia at the hens night I did say at face value she is gorgeous, she is charming, she gives off this really caring nature, but there is just something else to Olivia. There were moments throughout the experiment when I realized there is another side to this lady. I thought, “I am not sure how different it is to what we watch a lot of the time, but it is surely something else, and it is only a matter of time until it is viewed.”

Ella described the MAFS experiment as known for bringing out the worst side in some individuals, adding that “Your mask comes down, the pressure builds up, individuals get overwhelmed and you are in this controlled environment where it is going to pop off.” After being labeled “The sweetheart of Australia” early in the season, the shine of Olivia has well and truly worn off after she disclosed her true colors in recent episodes.

She bragged on the show this week of cutting up her “awful, poo-brown” of friend bridesmaid dress and sending it back to her- a shockingly vengeful act that left watchers terrified, with several telling her spouse Jackson Lonie to “run for the hills”. Ella disclosed to Yahoo that Olivia had actually mentioned this story at the hens night, which she discovered “alarming” but brushed off at the time.

Olivia has been quarreling with Domenica of late, with the rivalry reaching the pair fever pitch at the girl’s night at the time of the couple’s retreat. At one stage, she informed Domenica (29-years-old) to watch her tone, which sent the makeup artist into a frenzied rage as she smashed a glass on the table. Olivia later elaborated the story by asserting Dom had stood up and waved the broken glass in her face, which footage of the incident viewed never occurred.