Omaha Principal Arrested: Why was Omaha Principal Arrested? Charges Explained: This is to inform you that new development has been made in the murder case of Amanda Dodson, recently police officers have apprehended the prime suspect of this murder case. We tell you that this development has been made in Boone County. The past few days, the tragic news of Amanda’s murder was surfaced on the internet, and from that point, in time people are following every update of this news and now we have come up with this article to give you fresh development in the investigation of this case. To know what investigators have found and who is the prime suspect of this case and there is a lot to tell you about this case which we have found recently so kindly be sticky with this page for a while and have a peek at the downward placed sections of this news article. Please scroll it down. Follow More Update On

Omaha Principal Arrested

Recently, the Sherrif Department of Boone County released a statement that reads a suspect has been arrested in the death investigation of a woman whose name was Amanda Dodson. And all have been shocked after listening to the name of the arrested person. At first, there was sketchy news of the suspect but The Boone County Sherrif Department’s officer named Tim Robertson confirmed the news of the suspect’s arrest. Kindly follow the further section to learn who is the arrested person.

According to the reports gathered by our source we have found that the district attorney lodged murder charges against the victim’s husband named Rocky Dodson. Rocky is the first prime suspect of the murder case of Amanda Dodson. Reportedly, Rocky murdered his wife by hitting on her head. Currently, he is facing charges of second-degree murder and physical assault on her wife. To learn more about Rocky and Amanda kindly look at the next section of this article.

Why was Omaha Principal Arrested?

Rocky Dodson is the principal of Omaha High School and currently, he is behind the ars for being a suspect in this case. Currently, Rocky is 36 years of age according to the police report and he hails from Omaha. As pages are unfolding of this case we are getting to know what happened with Amanda on 6th March. According to the reports, the cause of her death was severe head injuries that were allegedly was given by her husband the principal of Omaha High School. Keep visiting our web pages for further updates.