Britney Lewis has been arrested for the murder of Bernard Cherfan in Laval resturant in Onatario last month. Scroll down to know the latest story.

The Quebec police arrested an Ontario woman in the killing this month of a Quebec man with reported links to organized crime. The officers took almost one month to find out the culprit.

However, the police have denied to give the detailed information on the reported murderer. As per several media reports, Lewis is a 25 years-old-woman from Pickering, Ontario, Canada.

Police are suspecting that the murder was planned a long ago. But, the 25-year-old lady is yet to reveal anything to the police. We are yet to find out why she killed Cherfan.


 Ontario: Is Britney Lewis Arrested For Murder Case?

Britney Lewis, a 25-year-old Ontario woman, has been arrested in the murder case of Bernard Cherfan.

As per the police officials, the arrest was made on June 17 in Pickering, east of Toronto, with the assistance of the Durham Regional Police Service.

The police thinks that Lewis is not the only one who carried out the murder of Cherfan. The police will continue the further investigaion, and more arrests could be made soon.

As of now, the 25-year-old lady is in the custody of Ontario Police, and arrangements are making to make her transfer to the Quebec Police Station.

Homicide Of Bernard Cherfan In Laval

On June 1, 2022, the homicide of Bernard Cherfan took place in Laval Restuarant, a busy restaurant in Laval, Que., just north of Montreal.

The 42-year-old Cherfan was reportedly the leader of a gang and was responsible for several organized crimes. He had been under the radar of police for a long time, but got killed on June 1 in Quebec.

Cherfan, 42, was shot down inside the restuarant infront of many people. The incident occured at around 7.30 pm, while the victim was sitting on the table.

Soonly after, the police began thier investigation and finally arrested the 25-year-old Lewis from Ontario. However, Lewis is considered to be the very smart part of the puzzle.

Britney Lewis Jail Sentence And Mugshot

Britney Lewis jail sentence and mugshot are yet to be decided.

As per the police authorities, the 25-year-old Lewish will face murder charges in connection with a homicide inside a Laval restaurant earlier this month. She will face face charges of premeditated murder and conspiracy to commit murder in the death of Bernard Cherfan.

According to Canadian law, if an adult is found guilty of first degree murder, he/she will shall be sentenced to imprisonment for life. More details will be revealed after Lewis will get transferred to Quebec.