Osita Iheme Biography

Osita Iheme is a popular Nollywood actor and comedian. He is widely known for playing the role of ‘Pawpaw’ in the film Aki na Ukwa alongside Chinedu Ikedieze. 

The star has often been described as one of the best actors of his generation. He is also the founder of Inspired Movement Africa which he established to inspire, motivate and stimulate the minds of young Nigerians and Africans.

Osita Iheme Age

Osita Iheme was born on February 20, 1982, He is 37 years as of 2019. He hails from Mbaitoli, Imo State, Nigeria. Born and bred in Abia State, After completing his primary and secondary school education.

He enrolled in Lagos State University where he attained a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Furthermore, Osita got admitted to Enugu State University where he studied Mass Communication.

He has often been described as one of the best actors of his generation. In less than a decade he has gone on to become one of the most in-demand actors in Nollywood.

Osita Iheme Career

Osita Iheme photo

Early in his career, Osita Iheme (Pawpaw) was often typecast in the role of a child. In 2003 Iheme rose to fame when he starred together with Chinedu Ikedieze in the comedy film Aki na Ukwa in which he played the role of ‘Pawpaw’.

In this role, Osita played a mischievous child. He has played the role of a child in many of his films but later has adopted more mature roles. He has since displayed his versatility as an actor, taking on more mature and dramatic roles.

This bold move has gained him a number of awards most notably the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2007 Africa Movie Awards. Best Actor Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards 2014.

Osita Iheme And Chinedu Ikedieze

Osita, like his onscreen partner Chinedu Ikedieze, has a small physique and the two are sometimes referred to as the midget duo. He has evolved in his career from just a comedic actor to a multifaceted established actor.This has garnered him respect throughout the Nigerian movie industry and its fans alike. Osita has been featured in a number of films with Chinedu Ikedieze.

Chinedu and Osita are indisputably one of the most famous and loved actors in Nollywood today. Since destiny made their paths cross, after featuring in the 2002 comedy flick, Aki Na Ukwa, the duo has succeeded in the comic revolution of the Nigerian movie industry.

Success, however, didn’t come easy for them. and when the duo had almost given up on acting, luck smiled on them as they were cast in the film that eventually gave them the much-needed break in the industry. The instant smash success of ” Aki Na Ukwa” changed their story and ensured that the duo became superstars overnight. What the duo lacked in height, they made up in their enviable talents.

Many are fond of the screen twins because of the mischievous roles they play in movies and how they always compliment each other’s effort. Following their mischievous roles, most parents at some point were tempted to stop their wards from watching their movies to avoid being influenced negatively.

The duo once traced how the Aki and Pawpaw brand was created years back. Speaking at the candlelight/tribute night in honor of the late filmmaker and marketer who created the Aki and Pawpaw brand.

Chukwuka Emelionwu, popularly known as Kasvid, Osita Iheme recalled how he met and became friends with Kasvid who also produced popular movies such as Mr. Ibu in London, The last Burial, August Meeting, Isakaba, Aki Na Ukwa among other

He said, “Kasvid was my boss who later became my friend. I met him in Enugu in 2002. Then, I was based in Aba, where I was nurturing my acting skills. I decided to relocate from Enugu to hustle. While in Enugu, Kasvid was shooting a film.

When he sighted me, he developed an interest in me. He just believed in me immediately he sighted me. The late filmmaker created the Aki and Pawpaw’ brand. “ Kavid asked me if I would like to go into acting. I told him, I have been into the acting way back in Aba.

He then asked me again, do you know Chinedu Ikedieze who featured in Last Burial? I answered him in the affirmative. Then I didn’t know he was the producer of Last Burial. Later, he invited a writer to write a script around Aki and I.

That was how the movie, Aki na Ukwa came about. Also sharing his nostalgic moment with the man that brought him to the limelight, Chinedu Ikedieze recalled how he met the late filmmaker while he was an undergraduate at Institute of Management Technology, IMT,

“I went for an audition, and he saw one smart-looking small boy and he immediately developed an interest in me. A week after that encounter, he visited me at my hostel on campus. Kasvid took a risk in us.

He invested his money in us. He saw something in us that other producers did not see. He made us who we are today.” Over the years, Aki and Pawpaw have remained inseparable, almost like blood brothers. They have stayed true to their crafts, bringing happiness and joy to many homes in Africa and beyond.

Osita Iheme Chinedu Ikedieze Breakup

The relationship between the duo however suffered setbacks a few years ago. In the recent past, they have been doing separate jobs. Reports had it that problem started between them when Chinedu got married in 2011.

And asked Osita to vacate the flat they shared together for him and his wife. This, according to reports, put a strain on their relationship. But refuting the rumor in an interview, Chinedu insisted there was no time he had an issue with Osita.

“I just finished shooting a film with my friend, Osita (Pawpaw). We have not been working together like in the past because we are both engaged in different projects. I am still shooting ‘The Johnsons family’ series.

Father of 7 killed over love affair with the widow in Enugu(Opens in a new browser tab) When they gave us a month break, I quickly went to shoot two films with Osita. I have kept many producers waiting, but some of them looked for other options.

I am busy, Osita is busy too. We don’t have any problem. I don’t like people spreading rumors. The chemistry between me and Osita is still there, on and off the screen as he is more like a brother to me.” Also,

dismissing the rumor, Osita stated that he still has a good relationship with his screen brother. While it’s obvious that the duo cannot remain together forever,

the impact they have made on the Nigerian entertainment industry continues to re-echo in the minds of those that love and adore them. Apart from starring in movies, Chinedu and Osita have also made a mark in other areas of human endeavor, signing mouth-watering endorsements.

They collectively established Aki and Pawpaw Entertainment and have produced some films to their credits. They also own the Aki n Paw Child Care Foundation. The actors have also won many awards.

In 2007, Chinedu received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Africa Movie Awards. In 2011, he was honored by the Member Order of the Federal Republic by the Federal Republic of Nigeria alongside Osita by President Goodluck Jonathan.

Despite their burgeoning popularity, Chinedu and Osita are very down-to-earth and unassuming. After more than two decades in the movie industry, it’s obvious that the actors are among the greatest figures to emerge from Africa in the 21st century.

But the difference is that, while Aki is happily married, Pawpaw is yet to unveil the love of his life to the world.

Aki Na Ukwa

Aki Na Ukwa is a 2002 Nigerian family comedy film directed by Amayo Uzo Philips and starring Osita Iheme and Chinedu Ikedieze. The film launched the acting careers of the two actors. Two brothers cause complete chaos at their home, in their school and basically in their whole village

2 Rats

2 Rats is a 2003 Nigerian comedy film directed by Andy Chukwu. Nollywood’s highest-paid actors, Osita Iheme (A-boy) and Chinedu Ikedieze (Bobo), play two young boys whose father has been murdered by their uncle.

In a selfish move, Amaechi Muonagor wants them to work as house boys in their father’s own house. A-boy and Bobo have other plans. The film features performances by Aki na Pawpaw.

Osita Iheme Family

He was born into a family of five children to Augustine Iheme, Herbert Iheme. He hails from Mbaitoli, Imo State, Nigeria but born in Abia State.

Osita Iheme Wife | Osita Iheme Wedding | Osita Iheme Married

The popular Nollywood actor and comedian, Osita Iheme also known as pawpaw may be getting married soon, Nigerian media reported several years back.

Wedding plans are said to be on the way as the actor prepares to tie the knot with his Ghanaian girlfriend. Pawpaw, however, revealed that he was opting for a secret wedding

The reports come years after his screen twin brother Chinedu Ikedieze had a luxurious wedding. Fans in Nigeria have been pressuring the Iheme to follow on the footsteps of Chinedu.

Osita Iheme House

Osita Iheme is said to have acquired a landed property at an approximate cost of about N100 million located in an exclusive and the most expensive estate in Owerri, the capital of Imo State.

Osita Iheme Wealth/ Net Worth

Osita Iheme’s net worth has grown significantly in 2019. His net worth is estimated to be in the range of approximately $3.5 million. One of the things he is known for is owning a hotel in Owerri, Imo State.

Construction began back in 2015, and the hotel has been up and running since the beginning of this year. The luxury hotel is called The Resident, and it is looking lovely, especially at night.

Quite recently, the actor acquired a karaoke bar. It is called Indoors, and you can sense a similar style to the hotel.

Osita Iheme Movies

»Games men play 5: Computer Games is our Game (2018)
»The Self-Destruction of Little Mark (2017)
»Double Mama (2015)

»Mirror Boy (2010)
»Tom and Jerry (2008)
»Markus D Millionaire (2008)
»Stubborn Flies (2007)

»Boys from Holland (2006)
»Brain Box (2006)
»Criminal Law (2006)

»Jadon (2006)
»Last Challenge (2006)
»Remote Control (2006)
»Royal Messengers (2006)

»Winning Your Love (2006)
»Young Masters (2006)
»Colours of Emotion (2005)
»Final World Cup (2005)

»Holy Diamond (2005)
»I Think Twice (2005)
»My Business (2005)

»Reggae Boys (2005)
»Secret Adventure (2005)
»Spoiler (2005)
»Village Boys (2005)

»American Husband (2004)
»Big Daddies (2004)
»Columbia Connection (2004)
»Daddy Must Obey (2004)

»Mr.Ibu (2004)
»Baby Police 2 (2004)

»Green Snake (2003)
»2 Rats (2003)
»Aki na ukwa (2003)
»I’m in Love (2003)

»Baby Police (2003)
»Back from America 2 (2003)
»Charge & Bail (2003)
»Tell Them (2003)

»Oke Belgium (2003)
»Good Mother (2003)
»Informant (2003)
»Johnny Just Come (2003)

»Nicodemus (2003)
»Nwa Teacher (2003)
»Twin Brothers (2003)

»Aka Gum (2002)
»Okwu na Uka (2002)

Osita Iheme Interview

‘Small but Mighty’ Osita ‘Paw Paw’ Iheme says his size doesnt bother him

Published: 2012
Source: omojuwa.com

Celebrating 10 years in Nollywood

I never knew I would get to this height in life. My intention was just to act and enjoy my career. I had always wanted to be an actor. I used to watch movies a lot and I would say to myself that one day, I would be an actor.

In fact, my aim was to become an international actor. Even in my days in church during our block rosary, I used to act a lot. I was a part of the drama group. I knew this was what I wanted to do.

I always had a dream. I know that God has always had something special for me and whatever I touch becomes big. When I met my brother Chinedu, I knew we were going to be big.

I knew that the combination of the two of us would be a blockbuster. So when the producer of Aki Na Ukwa came up with the movie, it became big.

That was where we started. It is 10 years now. In everything I do in life, I always believe that God is a part of it. God has a way of doing things. He can turn around any situation.

I give glory to God for putting me in the position I am today. In my own little way, I worked hard and I have been focused.

Producing movies

My brother Chinedu (Aki) and I have been producers before now. This is not the first time we are producing a movie. We have produced one movie before now.

To ask us why we suddenly became producers is to assume that we have just got into movie production. But it is not so. We have been working on this for some years now.


There is a new project we are working on. We intend to use it to celebrate our 10th anniversary. It is one of the films we want to shoot to mark the day.

We have two scripts lined up as well. One of them talks about four children in a family living together before their father dies. The children try to hustle to raise money since their father is no more.

One of them is a musician. Another is an actor and the others are in different professions. The message is that you can thrive in every situation you find yourself.

Your background should not be an obstacle to whatever you want to become in life. If you are determined, you can achieve whatever you set out to achieve.

Winning a national award

I was happy when I was awarded a Member of the Federal Republic. The award didn’t come as a surprise because many people expected it. I was happy I finally got it after so much controversy.

I knew I was going to get the award. It was just that the organizers didn’t want to give me the award the same time they would give it to Aki.

The Federal Government may have decided to give us the award one after the other. That was what happened. People were spreading rumors concerning the award.

Some said I envied Chinedu when he got his award. Others said I insulted the son of one of the members of the panel in charge of the awards. I was with Chinedu in Abuja when he received his award.

We posed for photographs together. I cannot imagine insulting anybody who had anything to do with the awards. But in any case, this is show business and any story can come up. I just had to move ahead even when all the rumors were flying. Within me, I knew I was going to get the award.

Allegations of being a snob

I can never be arrogant. Although I’m a star, my lifestyle will always be the same. I am a very humble person. I come from a very humble background.

Fame cannot change my character. I will only use stardom to add value to my life and become a better person. As an actor, you don’t need to limit yourself to one particular character, you need to be versatile.

We are not stereotyped. There was a time we were just getting small children’s roles. We didn’t want it to look as if that was the only thing we could do.

We had to edit and choose the kind of scripts we wanted. And that was when the adult roles started coming and we started playing such roles. Although we lack the advantage of size, what matters is what we have upstairs.

If you put yourself in the character you are acting, you will do it well. That was how we started playing other roles that are not just for kids.

Why I’m not intimidated by bigger people

Everybody must not be the same. Everybody does not have the same height. Some people are tall, while others are short. You can either be tall or short. We are not of equal height. There is no need for me to be worried about my size or to feel inferior.

I know that my height doesn’t have anything to do with my brain. I believe that it is not by size, but what you can do and what you can put on the table. I don’t allow my size to bother me. In fact, I don’t even believe I am small. To me, I am normal and I am a big man.


Chinedu got married and we no longer live together as we used to. I miss him. Before, if I was going home, I knew I would see him at home. We were always doing things together. We discuss, chat and share ideas together.

It is not really like that now since we no longer live together. I miss him a lot. But I knew we weren’t going to be living together forever. I knew that we would be married someday and have our families.

I don’t know when I will get married, but I know that when it is time, everybody will know about it. I cannot tell you this is the time. God is preparing the way for me and I am walking through that path. When I get there, everybody will know. I cannot tell you there is a particular girl now.

There are girls all over the world. It is just for me to listen to God when He is talking to me and showing me the girl I should go for. When the time comes, I will pick a girl.

Coping with stardom

Each time I leave the house, I always have it at the back of my mind that I am a celebrity. I know that people will come to me and do all sorts of things out of excitement.

I try to be involved in such a scenario whenever I find myself in a situation where fans gather around me. I try to always remember that these fans are the ones that admire my work. I always try to keep ahead straight and carry on with my fans.

My aspiration

I want to help a lot of people in the future. I want a situation where young and talented people can say that Osita Iheme inspired them to be what they are.

I want them to say that I was the one that influenced their lives positively. I want to help build the younger generation. I also try to help people in need. I just want people to look back and say that they are what they are because God used me to touch their lives.,