PHOTOS: Melissa Lucio Daughter Mariah Alvarez Autopsy Report and Husband Robert Antonio Alvarez: On social media, news has been revolving on the internet that Melissa Lucio Kill her own  Daughter. It was shocking for mothers especially. Because they are the ones who give birth to it. They are the ones who give nurture their child, take care of their child. Every mother will love their child. But in Melissa’s case. She murdered her child. It was so sad to hear this. In this article, we gonna discuss in detail about what the reason for killing and why did she take this step. So without wasting any time, let’s begin. Follow More Update On

Melissa Lucio Daughter Mariah Alvarez Autopsy 

Melissa’s daughter was an innocent girl. She was a cute, little, and innocent girl. She always takes care of her mom who fully depends on her. The tragic incident will take place at her home. Melissa was a middle-aged mother and the cops have put the penalty for supposedly murdering her two-year-old son. She was just two years old when her mom killed her own daughter. Many people believed that Lucio will definitely deserve the punishment and they have to be put in jail. People are very angry with what she did it was totally wrong and totally awful. In the eyes of a lawyer, she was very innocent. She didn’t do anything wrong with her.

Melissa Lucio Husband Robert Antonio Alvarez

In her neighborhood, many say, Mellisa was fed up taking care of her child. Because her child has done some nasty things on different floors where she has to clean it after every 20 minutes. Her husband was going to the office and there was no one in-home who can take care of her child. And that’s why she took this step. And killed her forever. They take it as stress on her shoulders which she didn’t want it. She was a chilling kind of person. And always wants to be free from the pain. She didn’t want to face the difficulties in her life.

According to the lawyer, Melissa’s execution date is set for April 27, 2022. The death date is less than 50 days away. However, the two-year-old child has some marks on it which shows how badly she hits her own child. This was the most dangerous thing that ever happened between the mother and child relations. We hope, we can’t see this again with the next child. Let’s pray it. Melissa will definitely go to jail. It was confirmed.