PICTURES: Mary Anissa Jones Death Photos – How Did American actress Died?



PICTURES: Mary Anissa Jones Death Photos – How Did American actress Died?: The fans of an actress are currently mourning her demise. The death news of Mary Anissa Jones is one of the more tragic stories of former childhood stars. Anissa Jones was an American child actress who passed away young at the age of 18. She started acting at the age of 6 and gained solid fame from her appearance in the drama “Family Affair”. On the CBS sitcom which ran from the year 1966 to 1971, she had portrayed the role of Buffy according to IMDb. Follow More Update On

Mary Anissa Jones Death Photos

The death photos of Mary Anissa Jones have not been leaked. She passed away from combined drug intoxication as observed on Facebook. Her date of birth was noted as of 11th March 1958 and she died away on the 28th of August in the year 1976 leaving her family behind. It is discovered that even Allan Kovan the boyfriend of Anissa who knew everything about her habits of addiction, did nothing to stop her downward spiral.

Gradually, her drug problem escalated to the point that she even began taking large doses of cocaine, angel dust, liquor, marijuana, et cetera. Following the drugs overdose, she was discovered dead after a night of partying with her friends and then-beau Allan. According to the Hollywood Page of Death, after the show ended the career Anissa was virtually non-extent, and she turned to drugs and alcohol. She also skipped school and spent time in Juvenile Hall after escaping from the house.

This implies that the downfall of her career also had indirectly contributed to her demise as she started gradually drawn to the addiction to drugs.

How Did Mary Anissa Jones  Died?

About the parents of Mary Anissa, she had lost her father in the year 1973 from heart failure. After that, she went live with her family’s friend home whereas her brother moved in with her mother Mrs. Jones. Jones skipped schools and after running away from the house she even had spent time in Juvenile Hall.

8 years after Anissa’s accidental overdose of drugs, her sibling Paul would also die from a drug overdose. Some even guessed that the drug addiction perhaps ran in the family, which as a consequence, took the life of both Jones siblings.

Career Of Mary Anissa Jones Explored 

The career of Mary Anissa Jones ran smoothly for around 7-year as she was in “Family Affair” drama. Likewise, she also appeared in the Elvis Presley comedy movie called “The Trouble With Girls” where she played the role of Carol Bix. But after that, her career was highly non-existent and it became short-lived.