Emil Checko who was a polish soldier has been reported dead.

Checko was found hanged at his residence in Minsk, reports says.

There is an ongoing investigation to know why and how this happened.

Emil Chechko who was a member of Polish Armed Forces, In December 16,2021 Checko crossed the border from Poland to Belarus seeking for asylum due to his disagreement with Poland’s tough policy migrants.

He was accepted by Belarus and was given refugee status.

Poland put Checko on their wanted list on December 27, 2021, being charged with desertion. the punishment for this is to be imprisoned for a maximum of 10 years.

Checko said Polish security forces could have killed from 200-700 migrants during his service on the border with Belarus, that is in June last year.

He was part of the Officers to detain migrants at the border.

Checko admitted that he had to kill people