Priyanka Gill Biography, Net Worth, Interview, Husband And Education

Who is Priyanka Gill?

Priyanka Gill is the Managing Director and CEO of MyGlamm Brand. MyGlamm produces beauty care products and other cosmetics. She was born on 2 June 1980 and she is currently 41 years.

Image credit: POPxo

Some of the popular MyGlamm products include lipsticks and eyeliners. Priyanka also happens to be the founder of the POPxo together with Namrata Bostrom.

POPxo entails a large community of women, especially from India. POPxo provides a platform that allows women to get fashion details amongst other women-related updates.

Priyanka Gill Net Worth

Priyanka Gill’s net worth has been estimated between $1Million-$5million.

Interview with Priyanka

In an HT Brand Studio interview titled ‘Meet the Brand Masters’, Priyanka was interviewed on ‘how content is king’.

In her response, she intimated that content is at the centre and heart of everything we do especially with her work and her brand. She added that content comes first.

She also added that data plays a major role in influencing content. For instance, when she looks at a popular meme, based on that data, she can make content.

Priyanka Husband and Education

Priyanka is currently married to her lovely husband, Raj Gill. He was born on 12th March.

Priyanka portrays her husband as not being the social media type; however, Priyanka often takes to social media to wish him on special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries.

Image credit; Priyanka on Instagram

In relation to her education, she schooled in Vidya Devi Jindai School in Hisar. She later went to college in Lady Shri Ram College where she studied Literature in English.


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