Grab the written episode update of your favorite serial serial “Punyashlok Ahilya Bai” on 27 April 2021. Before jumping into tonight’s episode let us tell you the in the previous episode Ahilya provided justice to her best friend Renu. She is a widower and facing a lot of problems as her parents are treating her just the widower which she didn’t deserve being a little girl. Ahilya helped her friend by telling a truth to Malhar Rao.

Malgahr Rao got to know how Renu being treated by her family and villagers he decided to go to meet Renu’s family. When he reached there he made everyone understand that she is so small to handle their rules and so-called rituals. He gives to her grandmother and said “how acne do this to your granddaughter as you were also faced the same, and still, you didn’t feel her pain. Don’t you think what you forced her to do was so painful for Renu and this is really shocking.

He even asked her how did he leave her daughter to follow these so-called fake rituals. While in today’s episode we will going to see that Malhar Rao fetches Renu Malwa along with Ahilya and she is so happy her best friend is gonna live with her forever. But Renu is upset and she is feeling nervous as she understands that Ahilya’s in-laws aren’t happy to see her here. If we talk about Gautama Bai them she isn’t happy and angry with the decision of Malhar Rao.

She uses to get angry at Ahilya which makes her cry and tensed. We will see that Ahilya goes to her friend and expresses her feelings by saying that ” I’m so happy to see you here and even you are a loss safe here. While no one is going to behave and with you as I’m here with you. We will be going to live together and share everything. Whereas I will manage to handle the reactions of mother law.” Don’t forget to watch the show on Sony Tv at 7:30 pm from  Momday to Friday. Saty tuned us.