Weeks after the death of his wife to be Anele Nellie Tembe in Cape Town, AKA has finally issued a statement in his name about how he is dealing with his loss.

Nellie Tembe died after she reportedly committed suicide, by jumping off the 10th floor of Pepperclub Hotel in Cape Town.

Her tragic and senseless death left many confused as to what had triggered her to commit suicide.

Despite police investigations that are still pending, she was buried last Friday in Durban at a funeral that was aired live on national television.

Her death was treated as suicide.

Following her father Moses Tembe’s remarks during his daughter’s funeral service last week, many were left puzzled as to what he insinuated about his daughter’s death.

He vehemently refuted that his daughter had suicidal tendencies neither did she view death as the only way out of any tough situation.

Many drew their eyes towards Anele’s husband to be, AKA.

Some even suggesting he may have had a hand in her death.

But the rapper had not said anything till Thursday this week.

He issued his first statement since he lost his sweetheart.

In the statement, AKA opens up about his the loss of his “love of his life” has had an “emotional and psychological” toll on him.

He further touches on the insuniations made by people (and/or by his father in-law) about him being involved in the death of his wife as having a strain on the his family.

AKA Finally Speaks About Death Of His Wife And Murder Allegations Against Him