READ: Moises Plascencia Suicide Note and Who Was Kraemer Middle School Assistant Principal? Wife, Family, and, more!: A shocking event has just come to know which is about a school principal’s death. We are talking about a school located in Placentia where a high-ranking staff member of the school faculty has taken his own life on the campus. Reportedly, the name of the deceased is Moises Plascencia who was designated as the assistant principal at the school. Since this news has come out people have been devastated and eager to learn why did he do this and what could be the motive of his suicide? In order to kill the queries of our page’s reader we have done a deep study on this subject and prepared writing on this topic so be sticky with this page and continue reading down the article till the last. Follow More Update On

Moises Plascencia Suicide Note

The person who took his own life on the school campus was known as Moises Plascencia as mentioned above. According to the reports, he committed suicide when no one was presented at the scene. The news of his demise was shared by the top-rank school faculty member named Michael Young who is the principal of Kraemer Middle School. Michael Young posted this tragic news on the school’s official website.

Who Was Kraemer Middle School Assistant Principal Moises Plascencia?

According to the reports, after getting to know about his suicide attempt, further operations of school were halted and students were asked to go back to their homes, and the rest of the faculty’s staff members were also asked to return for the remainder day. This was the matter of Monday when Moises Plascencia committed suicide inside the school’s province and on Tuesday school operations were resumed in the usual manner. The principal also said learners, attendants and families will also get mental health professionals.

Moises Plascencia: Wife, Family

The principal of the school also expressed the grief on behalf of the entire school faculty, he said Moises Plascencia was a hardworking teacher with good educational knowledge and he always cared about the pupils of the schools. There is no uncertainty the entire school is in great shock and all are mourning the demise of the assistant principal but nobody knows about the motive of his suicide. As of now his family is in a devastating situation and mourning his death but they are yet to give a statement on his untimely demise. Keep visiting our web page for further development on this headline and read other world’s trending news here in one place.