Roger NG Goldman Sachs Wikipedia: Explore His Linkedin Profile

Regrettably, Roger Ng does not have his own Wikipedia page. However, he has recently been the center of attention with his billion-dollar scandal.

In addition, at the time of writing, his LinkedIn profile appears to be absent. Furthermore, Ng is a former Malaysian Goldman Sachs executive who was convicted of money laundering.

Although his educational qualifications are unknown, it is apparent that he may have received a great degree in a certain sector.

Reportedly, Ng was found guilty of scheming to launder money and breaking anti-corruption legislation by a jury in New York following a nearly two-month trial and several days of debate.

The result was described by US prosecutors as “a win not only for the rule of law but also for the citizens of Malaysia.”

What Is Roger NG Net Worth?

According to the latest news, Roger Ng’s net worth is projected to be in the millions of dollars. On the other hand, his real net worth has yet to be revealed.

According to prosecutors, Ng, who was employed for Goldman from 2005 until May 2014, earned $35 million in payments.

Moreover, according to Ng’s team, the payment was made as part of a legal business arrangement involving his wife.

For its participation in the multibillion-dollar corruption scam, Goldman Sachs agreed to pay the Malaysian government $3.9 billion in 2020.

It also paid roughly $3 billion to four nations’ agencies to settle a problem into work it did for 1MDB.

Roger NG’s Fraud Charges Explained

Roger has been found guilty on all three charges of his crimes. He might face up to 30 years in prison, according to reports.

The sentencing date has yet to be announced.

Besides, the allegations resulted from Goldman’s bond dealings between 2012 and 2013, raising $6.5 billion (£5 billion) for the 1MDB fund, which was established to support public development projects.

Furthermore, Ng, who faces a term of decades in jail, may file an appeal, as per his lawyer, Marc Agnifilo.