There is a new talk in the block about the four cooling towers that are going to be demolished in the morning and that is happening so that there can be new homes on the premises, The crews have been assigned and placed at the location of the power station at Rugeley and they are going to be using explosives as they are planning to blow away the 4 cooling towers which are about 117 meters long and it is going to be a sight to watch for many.

Rugeley Power Station Demolition Live Updates

The police authorities have stated that people don’t need to become a spectator as it is not an event and the police have urged to the public that they don’t need to travel to see the demolition as it is pretty unsafe and there can be casualties if such a thing is going to happen and they have further stated that there is going to be a live stream of the event and this has been done by the authorities to avoid any kind of spectator to come near the premises where the demolition is going to be taking place.

The demolition is necessary at this point and it seems like that this is going to make way for the 2300 new homes which are going to be low carbon homes and that is going to be pretty beneficial for the people living there and there has been an exclusion zone that has been assigned for the demolition to take place, it is going to be set up along the A 51 which is going to be between the Hawksyard estate and the Trent valley roundabout which is going to be happening from 5:30 am to 3:00 pm and it has been stated that there is going to be a diversion route which is going to be marked out and it has been further stated that it is going to be lifted by midday.

This is going to be the 9th time that demolition is taking place at the site and it has been further stated that there is going to be no public viewing for the area and the fact is that it was closed in the year 2016 which is the coal-fired power plant. During last year people were able to watch the demolition that happened there as a part of the power station was demolished in the respective year, in January a demolition took place in the area of a chimney which was 183 meters long and it was a controlled event.