Ryan Reynolds Favorite Restaurant Vancouver: Name, Location Revealed: Recently, the famous Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds has shared his favorites in an interview. Yes, you read it right, Ryan Reynolds shared one of his favorite restaurants in the world, which is located in his hometown, Vancouver. Ryan Reynolds is a famous and established actor and producer who has gained huge popularity and fame in the Canadian film industry. Since he shared his favorite restaurant, many people have been searching for details about him and his life as he is currently in the limelight after his Netflix interview for his upcoming movie, The Adam Project. Here, you will get some details about his interview with Netflix and his favorite restaurant. Follow More Update On Princekallz.com

Ryan Reynolds Favorite Restaurant Vancouver

As per the reports, Ryan Reynolds has shared his favorite restaurant in the world and it is located in his hometown of Vancouver, B.C. He revealed his favorite restaurant in the course of a Netflix interview for his movie, The Adam Project. When he was asked what’s his favorite restaurants in B.C to he replied Benny’s Bangels on Adanac Street in Vancouver. Although his favorite restaurant in the world is Minervas in the Kerrisdale neighborhood of Vancouver, nearby where he was raised.

Ryan Reynolds Favorite Restaurant Vancouver Name

He said in the interview, “It is a Greek restaurant, it’s incredible.” As per the website of the restaurant, they have been in this community since 1975. It is a family-owned restaurant that is especially famous for its several dishes including hand-pressed pizzas, hearty pasta, charbroiled steaks, and traditional Greek dishes.

Ryan Reynolds Favorite Restaurant Vancouver Location

45 years old Ryan Reynolds is extremely proud of his hometown as he often talked about his hometown Vancouver in his interviews while recalling his childhood time. The shooting of his recent film The Adam Project was done in Vancouver. So, there is no doubt that he has a big list of restaurants in the city including some hidden ones. Along with this location being the favorite restaurant of Reynolds, of course, they also serve Aviation Gin. Aviation Gin is an iconic gin brand of Reynolds. Even he also signed a bottle for the restaurant.

Ryan Reynolds Restaurant Vancouver Favorite Dish

Ryan Reynolds is a Canadian actor and film producer who was born on 23 October 1976 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He started his career with a teen soap opera, Hillside. In 1998, he got a lead role in a sitcom called Two Guys and a Girl. Later, he featured in several films National Lampoon’s Van Wilder, The Proposal, Waiting, Woman in Gold, Life, Free Guy, among others. Stay connected with us for more updates.