South Africa Kidnappers Arrested: Kidnap ‘Mastermind’ Arrested With R6m Cash Seized, Victim Rescued



South Africa Kidnappers Arrested: Kidnap ‘Mastermind’ Arrested With R6m Cash Seized, Victim Rescued: Recently, a case has been seen on the internet that Kidnappers were apprehended for the case of R6m cash seized. The mastermind kidnapper has been arrested and now they are in jail. It will all be possible due to the police’s determination, hard work, and worked day and night. Without trying it was not easy for them to catch the thieves. All the incidents happened at midnight when the police carried out the operation due to which the Gauteng businessman was saved. Follow More Update On

South Africa Kidnappers Arrested

In the operation, six people were arrested including the 43-year-old man. Cops believed that he was the mastermind involved in the kidnapping cases in the province according to the spokesperson Col Athelenda Mathe. Police discovered R6 million in cash, which they believe was paid as ransom in other kidnapping cases. A hijacked VW Polo allegedly used in the kidnapping of the businessman, military-grade signal jammers, and various vehicle registration number plates were seized along with an unlicensed AK47 rifle and 9mm firearm, ammunition, and a hijacked VW Polo allegedly used in the kidnapping of the businessman.

Cops put strict charges on them like Kidnapping, extortion, money laundering, possession of unlicensed firearms and ammunition, and possession of a hijacked motor vehicle. Mathe says that a businessman, from Lenasia, has been safely reunited with his family three days after he was kidnapped. On his way to work on Tuesday, Luqman Kazi, 34, was apprehended. “A multidisciplinary team was established after the kidnapping to rescue the victim and apprehend the kidnappers. The crew pounced on four specified addresses at the same time during the midnight takedown operation.

The victim was found and saved at the first address, in Lawley. The remaining properties were located in Lenasia. General Khehla Sitole, the police commissioner, praised the crew. Without the dedication and perseverance of members from crime intelligence, the national kidnapping task force, the special task force, organized crime unit, Gauteng flying squad and Gauteng saturation unit, Ekurhuleni metro police, visible policing, and the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation, this success would not have been possible.

We also appreciate the help of private security, who continue to serve as our eyes and ears, he added. Mathe said in an intelligence-driven operation led to the rescue of four Bangladeshis in Betrams, Johannesburg. On March 10, four were kidnapped in Musina Limpopo. Two Ethiopians have been apprehended. If we get any updates then we will inform you.