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Terry Lee Flenory is a person that a lot of people are interested in learning about. Terry Lee Flenory date of birth is 10 January 1972 and place of birth is Detroit, Michigan, United States. He is famous for his work for being an entrepreneur. He is also famous and well known as smaller brother of Demetrius Flenory aka Big Meech. Terry Lee Flenory brother Big Meech is a musician and actor.

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Terry Lee Flenory age, wiki, biography 

Terry P.O. Lee Flenory is his real name. Terry Lee Flenory birthday is on 10th January 1972 and born place is Detroit, Michigan, United States. His age as in 2022 is 50 years old. He celebrates his birthday every year on 10th January. Capricorn is his star sign. By profession Terry Lee Flenory is an entrepreneur, businessman and investor from United States. He is known by other names as Southwest T and Terry Flenory. He died when he was 50 years of age.

Terry Lee Flenory parents are Charles Flenory and Lucille Flenory. Charles Flenory is his father name and Lucille Flenory is his mother name. He has 2 sibling. In sibling he has 1 brother and 1 sister. His Brother name is Big Meech and sister name is Nicole Flenory. Terry Lee Flenory is no longer alive he is dead. Terry Lee Flenory brother Big Meech is the founder of BMF. Terry Lee Flenory is also a co-founder of BMF. Terry Lee Flenory established his own company and gave it the name Southwest Black Magic. In addition to that, he has utilised various social media profile in order to advertise his brand’s products. They established the business of BMF in 1989 in the city of Detroit, which is located in the state of Michigan, United States.

As a child, Terry Lee Flenory was brought up in a poor family, and as the years went, their economic state worsen, causing him and his brother to do illegal activities. He and his brother earned lot of wealth by doing this activities. Terry Lee Flenory follow Christianity as his religion. His ethnicity is mixed that is of African descent. He and his brother has done his studies from the same school. He used to spend time with his family members. Terry Lee Flenory is the uncle of Demetrius Flenory Jr. (Lil Meech) who is a well known Rapper and musical artist. Black M Family is the name of a television show that debuted in September of 2001. This series was produced under the banner of G-Unit Films and Television Inc. and Lionsgate Television by a number of well-known musical artists and producers, such as Curtis Jackson, Randy Huggins, Terri Kopp, and Anthony Wilson. Terry Lee Flenory was portrayed by Da’Vinchi, an American actor famous for his work. The character of Big Meech was potrayed by Demetrius Flenory Jr (Lil Meech).

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Terry Lee Flenory dating, relationship, Girlfriend and wife

Terry Lee Flenory has dated and his Girlfriend name is Tonesa Welch.

He is a married man. His wife name is Tonesa Welch. Terry Lee Flenory tied the wedding knot with Tonesa Welch. By profession his wife Tonesa Welch is an Executive-producer of NotoriousQueens and a brand influencer. Terry Lee Flenory has shared images of his wife Tonesa Welch on social media account. Terry Lee Flenory has worked with a number of successful female business executives as well as entertainers.

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