There’s something so delicious about French Fries that we simply can’t resist. Crispy slices of potatoes fried till golden-brown and sprinkled with salt – did we make you drool already? The love for French Fries is so much that we often visit our favourite fast-food restaurants just to sample their delicious fries. However, we often end up with more fries than we can eat. If you’re a person who always ends up with leftover French Fries, this hack is for you! This amazing hack shows how you can reseal a packet of French Fries without any additional equipment. Don’t believe us? Take a look and see for yourself:

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The video was originally shared by content creator ‘llldka’ and soon made its way to Instagram. The French Fries hack has garnered over 781k views and 29k likes since the time it was posted by the blogger @justdelhiing. “When you don’t want to finish your fries now,” read the caption to the post.

In the clip, we could see a usual packetof French Fries from popular fast food chain McDonald’s. The hack showed how the side edges could be folded inwards to create a makeshift seal. The top flap was then pressed downwards to create a lid so that not even a single French fry would fall out! How convenient, right?

The French Fries resealing hack is not the only one to have caught the attention of internet users in the recent past. Previously, a kitchen hack had demonstrated how a packet of bread can also be resealed in a similar manner. There is also no need for any clip or rubber band to help the process.

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