The ginger-garlic paste is an integral part of our kitchen! Pulaos, biryanis, sabzis, dals, chicken curry, paneer – almost every Indian dish involves a dollop of ginger-garlic paste to give it a zingy and masaledaar kick. Nowadays, store-bought ginger-garlic paste has replaced the fresh and rich paste that our grandmothers used to make, due to convenience. But the truth is that store-bought paste may include a lot of added colour and preservatives, giving the ginger-garlic paste a weird after taste, changing the way our home-cooked food tastes. Fret not, we have your back! We have found some tips and tricks that will help you make ginger-garlic paste at home easily, and in return, make your food taste extra fresh and delicious!

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Tips And Tricks To Make Ginger-Garlic Paste:

  • Rub oil on your fingers before peeling garlic so that it doesn’t burn your fingers.
  • The weight of peeled garlic is different from unpeeled garlic, keep that in mind while measuring the proportion of the ingredients.
  • Use garlic that has large cloves, this will make peeling the garlic a lot easier. Peeling small garlic cloves can be tedious.
  • Avoid fibrous ginger, it will be difficult to grind into a paste.
  • Use fresh ginger and garlic so that the paste is flavourful and rich.
  • Do not add water while grinding, it will ruin the texture of the paste. Just slowly grind the paste at pulse, the moisture released from the ginger and garlic shall do the trick.
  • Add oil and salt to the paste while grinding, it acts as a preservative and doesn’t discolour or darken for a long time.
  • Store the ginger-garlic paste in an airtight, dry container. This shall help give the paste a long shelf life.

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How To Make Ginger-Garlic Paste At Home:

200 grams garlic (peeled)

200 grams ginger (peeled)

2 tbsp oil

1 tsp salt

  1. Wash the ginger and garlic thoroughly and chop them roughly.
  2. Add them to the masala grinder and slowly grind, on pulse.
  3. Add the oil and salt while grinding the paste.
  4. Once the paste is fine and smooth, remove it from the jar and store it in an airtight container.

Try out these tips and let us know what tricks you use to make ginger-garlic paste at home in the comments section below!