Since last year, Tom Ogden has been happily married to his wife, Katie Donovan. Get more interesting deets into his personal life here below! 

Tom Ogden is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of his indie-pop band, Blossoms.

He also tends to the piano when the time calls for, helping his band’s smooth performance.

The young and alluring band in the music industry, Ogden and Blossoms, have captivated the hearts of many.

Thus, his personal life often intrigues his fans and listeners, who want to know him more closely aside from the live show.

Tom Ogden Wife Katie Donovan Age Gap: Is Tom Ogden Married?

Tom Ogden is a married man devoted to his wife, Katie Donovan.

Tom and his wife Katie do not share much age difference among them.

Both of them are in their 20s and enjoying a youthful marriage.

Katie is the sister of Ogden’s bandmate and drummer, Joe Donovan; thus, the two’s age gap is not big.

Moreover, the trio’s closeness as a family has held them together.

Meet Tom Ogden Children and Family

Tom Ogden has yet to claim the status of a father to his children and family of his own.

Since he and Katie have just tied their wedding knot about six months ago in August 2021, the couple is still taking their time to start a family.

Ogden and the Blossoms are busy with their music show schedule while Katie’s work whereabouts are not on display.

On the other hand, the couple’s marriage in a signature vintage style wedding had created all the commotion in the media.

Tom Ogden Net Worth Revealed

Tom Ogden has made a great amount of net worth figures earned from his music career.

Since the professional debut of the Blossoms, the band has garnered a loyal fanbase that has helped the band members attain stardom and earn enough income to support their lifestyle.

However, we have yet to trace down the relatable information on Ogden’s income and other factors.