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Netizens were shocked when the news about David Hoetzlein killing his mother and disposing of her body in a dumpster went viral. They are now calling him an evil son. 

In a tragic incident, a dismembered body of a 62-year-old Tomoko Hoetzlein was found in a trash-can nearby outside of her apartment. Police claimed that they had found evidence against her son for the murder. 

The deputies were called when someone reported suspicious activity. Upon their arrival, they discovered the victim’s remains and issued a search warrant in her apartment. 

Who Is David Hoetzlein From Camarillo? Is He Arrested?

David Hoetzlein from Camarillo has been arrested after he tossed his mother’s body in a trash bin. On Friday, 62 years old Tomoko Hoetzlein was discovered dead in a dumpster outside the Camarillo apartment where she lived with her son.

Her body was dismembered before they were dumped in the trash can. According to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department, authorities were called to the apartment complex in the 300 block of Townsite Promenade. After the shocking discovery, they detained David at his apartment.

The deputies argued that they had found evidence in his residence that allegedly indicated he was related to the murder. However, further information is yet to be released, and the purpose of killing is not discovered yet.

His neighbor said that he barricaded himself in his apartment all day to avoid capture, but the police were able to get him out at 3:30. He is currently held with a bail amount of $3 million. He is set to appear in court on Tuesday. 

Tomoko Hoetzlein Son David Hoetzlein Instagram Photo

Netizens search for photos of Tomoko Hoetzlein’s son, David Hoetzlin on Instagram. There are several pictures of him on the platform. He has over 700 followers and 43 posts to date. 

His bio reads oice_10, which is mentioned as a clothing brand. He also has a Facebook profile with the username Kingsof Eightofive and people are commenting that they are happy that he has been caught and described him as evil. 

Although he was living with his mother, there are no pictures of her on his social media handle. His last post was made four days ago.,