Tow Truck Driver Shot Dead: Second Durban Tow Truck Driver Shot Dead On The M7



Tow Truck Driver Shot Dead: Recently, a piece of news came out on the internet that the second Durban tow truck driver was shot dead on the M7 near the N2 bridge. As we all know, death will happen at any point in time. There is no fixed date and time. It will happen. It’s a fact we can’t ignore this. The same thing has happened with a tow truck driver who was shot dead while seated in his vehicle on the M7, near the N2 bridge, on Wednesday morning. Follow More Update On

Tow Truck Driver Shot Dead

Cops say that a tow truck driver was carrying some goods and delivering them to someplace. After half a mile, the tow truck driver was found himself in trouble and was killed in a drive-by shooting last month while he was seated in his tow truck in the same area. The Medical Services were called to the accident place. Just after that, something around 10:30 am they got a phone call of shooting on the M7 towards Pinetown, just before the N2 bridge. Paramedic Garrith Jamieson says when paramedics arrived, the SAPs were already there. Also, they say that paramedics were shown where the victim was seated in a two truck.

They found out that, the victim was a male who was in his forties. The reason why he has done this. Doesn’t have an answer yet. Cops are interrogating him and finding out the reasons why he does this. Unfortunately, the tow truck driver did get the medicals that his body wants and lost his life. It was sad to say that innocent people are dying for no reason. The victim didn’t have any solid reason for why he killed him.

The provincial police spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Nqobile Gwala, says that the tow truck driver was standing outside the vehicle on the M7 highway to level up his metabolism in a balanced situation. But he didn’t know that the unknown guy was coming to him and shot him very badly. After shooting him, he was suddenly disappeared like an air. When everything becomes normal, cops go to the suspected scene and find out the evidence and clues, the bullets. Everything which they gonna find it to proceed with their investigation.

The tow truck driver didn’t meet his family again. His children, his wife is all alone now and they need some help right now. His wife was a housewife, and she has to nurture his kids to provide some basic incentives.