Tracy K. Price, an entrepreneur and film producer, is the founder, CEO, and Chairman at Qmerit. Explore more interesting facts about the film producer, including his age, wife, and net worth.

Tracy K. Price graduated from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) with a degree in Economics. It ultimately became a successful businessman, who has won in 2008 the prestigious the “Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.”

Microsoft recognized Tracy K.’s vision and commitment to quality and technology by awarding the company its highest customer honor, the Overall Customer Achievement Award in the year 2009, and the Pinnacle Excellence Award for Technology Evangelism in 2007.

Tracy K. has always been drawn to movies throughout his life. His love of movies prompted him to work as an executive producer on the award-winning film The Stoning of Soraya M in 2008.


Tracy K. Price Age: How Old Is The CEO Of Qmerit?

Tracy K. Price’s present age is unknown, and details related to his birth are missing on the Internet. Price was born in Orange County, a region in Southern California.

Price started his career at Honeywell, where he learned about building performance and technical selling, and now he is CEO at several companies, including Qmerit.

Price purchased a half-interest in Mesa Energy Systems, and he built it from a small four-person operation to California’s largest non-union mechanical service company.

Tracy K. Price Net Worth: How High Is His Annual Earning?

Executive Vice President of ABM Industries Tracy K. Price’s net worth is estimated to be at least $3 Million dollars as of 2022, according to gurufocus. He is said to own over 72,793 shares of ABM Industries Inc and stock worth over $3 Million dollars.

Tracy K. Price was a board member at SitelogIQ and Sterling and CEO at The Linc Group, FieldCentrix, and Mesa Energy Systems Inc. He is currently a chairman at Fidelity Engineering and Qmerit.

Because of Price’s active involvement in several firms, he is expected to have amassed a significant net worth and generate a large amount of money yearly.

Tracy K. Price Wife: Who Is He Married To?

Tracy K. Price’s wife’s name is unknown as of now. Price leads a mysterious private life, despite his popularity. Therefore, his relationship status is yet to be revealed.

At Price’s age, most people are already married with kids. However, if Price even got married is still a question to answer, and because of that, nothing much can be said about his wife.

Price has over 25 years of experience increasing profitability, EBITDA, and market share in challenging markets. He is involved in several successful businesses due to his knowledge and experience.

Tracy K. Price Social Media Accounts: Find Him On Twitter

Tracy K. Price does not appear to be very active on social media. He has no official accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter so far.

There is a Twitter account under his name with the username @tracykprice1 with just ten followers.

Though the account’s shared post appears to be about Tracy K., it’s difficult to believe it’s his official account.

Apart from that, Tracy K. Price can be found on LinkedIn, which somehow looks like his official account.