President of Uber India and South Asia Prabhjeet Singh driving the cab.

Since app-based cab aggregators debuted in India, they revolutionised the entire sector. But over the years, users reported about bad experiences, like the drivers cancelling the cabs, and delays.

So, it was a pleasant surprise for many cab users who found none other than President of Uber India and South Asia Prabhjeet Singh on the driving seat. They shared their experience on various social media platforms, like LinkedIn.

Ananya Dwivedi, a LinkedIn user, said in her post: “One of the best advices I’ve ever read on the internet is what Sahil Bloom says- ‘increase your luck surface area’. Luck doesn’t strike you while sitting at home, alone. Step out, meet people, expose yourself to information- it all adds up and increases the chances to be at a place where luck strikes! I literally stepped out after a long time to work from office and guess who was driving the car, Prabhjeet Singh, Uber India CEO. It was a part of his primary research. (I initially felt something is fishy and had to Google his name and match the face to finally believe him) The serendipity is real! Also, it takes real humility as well as grit to get to the roots of the problems like this. Full respect!”

Singh was driving an Uber cab in Delhi-NCR, picking up passengers from Gurugram and other locations. The encounter happened last week, but the posts are going viral now.

Another user Sourabh Kumar Verma said on LinkedIn, “Imagine taking a cab and finding the CEO of that taxi company behind the wheel. Wouldn’t that add to your travel experience and make you feel more welcomed, valued and safe?”

“This is what Mr. Prabhjeet SinghUber CEO is doing to understand customers better and get to know them in person, picking up passengers in his Uber cab. Kudos !”

One woman named Madhuvanthi said she got the “I’m on my way” ping from the driver who did not ask for her drop location. When the car reached to pick her up, the driver rolled down the windows and asked her would she be willing to do this ride? “Prabhjeet Singh/Uber, you made by day 🙂 This is superb initiative,” she posted on LinkedIn.

Reacting to this, other users wanted to know how the ride was. One rider who shared about the encounter replied, “Worthy of 6 stars.”