Artyom Datshihin died after a shelling attack by Russia; he is a famous Ukrainian ballet dancer. Find out more about him.

According to sources, Artem Datsyshyn, a prominent Ukrainian ballet dancer, died over three weeks after being hurt in Russian shelling in Kyiv.

After his passing, his friends, family, and admirers appear to be crushed, and they have shown their sorrow via Twitter with condolence messages.


Who Was Artem Datsishin? Wikipedia Details

Artyom Datshihin was a well-known Ukrainian ballet dancer. 

Datshihin died at the age of 43, having been born in Kherson in 1979.

He was one of the attacking Russian forces’ bomber raid victims.

The principal ballet artist is one of the most well-known personalities at the Bolshoi Theatres in Moscow.

For many years, he was a soloist with the Ukrainian National Opera. He has principally performed in Germany, Japan, Switzerland, the United States, and France.

In Swan Lake and Giselle, he plays the predominant role.

Ukraine Ballet Dancer Artem Datsishin Died Three Days After Shelling Attack

Artyom Datshihin, a vital member of the Ukrainian National Opera, died today in a Kyiv emergency center.

Meanwhile, some individuals have been searching for the bombing footage, which appears to have been removed off Twitter. 

On Twitter, many individuals have expressed their gratitude to Artyom Datsishin, who died in the horrible attack.

One of his fans wrote: “Unfortunate news from Alexei Ratmansky: Artyom Datsishin, a vital artist of the National Opera of Ukraine, died today in the Kyiv emergency clinic from injuries; sustained on February 26 from Russian artillery fire.”

Sadly, the ballet star’s life came to an end at the age of 43. On March 18, at 11 a.m., Dashitsin will be bid farewell.

Artem Datsishin Death Cause -What Happened To Him?

Artem Datsishin was one of the victims of the attacking Russian forces’ bomber raid. 

After the bombardment, he died of injuries. He’d been at the hospital for about three weeks, struggling. On February 26, 2022, the ballet performer was hurt in Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, just two days after the Russian invasion began.

Ratmansky is currently an artist in residence at the American Ballet Theatre in New York, where he was a former main dancer in Kyiv and the artistic director of the Bolshoi Ballet.

Datsyshyn died of “wounds acquired on February 26 when he came under Russian artillery fire,” according to him.

According to his loved ones, his memorial funeral will be conducted in Kyiv.