UTTARAKHAND MLA 2022 WINNERS LIST: Uttarakhand Winner Candidate List 2022



UTTARAKHAND MLA 2022 WINNERS LIST: Uttarakhand Winner Candidate List 2022: According to reports, the Uttarakhand election results were announced. In the single phase of voting for the Uttarakhand MLA List 2022, which was conducted on February 14, female voter turnout was higher than male voter turnout. In the state assembly election, 65.37 percent of eligible voters cast ballots, with women making up 67.20 percent of the total and men making up 62.6 percent. It is worth noting that voter turnout was 0.19 percentage points lower in this election than in the 2017 assembly elections, which were won by the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP). Follow More Update On Princekallz.com

Uttarakhand MLA 2022 Winners List

The counting of ballots for the state assembly election, which was held in a single phase on February 14, began at 8 a.m. this morning, indicating that the BJP is in the lead. The election results will be announced today. The BJP, Congress, and Aam Aadmi Party were among the major parties that ran in Uttarakhand’s 70-seat assembly election, which featured a three-parties power struggle. A total of 65.4 percent of eligible voters cast ballots this year.

Uttarakhand Winner Candidate List 2022

Constituency Name——-Winner/winning candidate name

  1. Ghansali———-Shakti Lal Shah-BJP
  2. Karanprayag——-Anil Nautiyal -BJP
  3. Tharali———–Bhupal Ram Tamta – BJP
  4. Badrinath———Rajendra Singh Bhandari-Congress
  5. Gangotri———-Suresh Singh Chauhan-BJP
  6. Yamunotri———Sanjay Dobhal-Independent
  7. Purola————Durgeshwar Lal-BJP
  8. Kedarnath———Shaila Rani Rawat-BJP
  9. Rudraprayag——-Bharat Singh Chaudhary-BJP
  10. Purola————Durgeshwar Lal-BJP
  11. Raipur———–Umesh Sharma Kau – Congress
  12. Dharampur———–Vinod Chamoli-BJP
  13. Sahaspur———–Sahdev Singh Pundir – BJP
  14. Vikasnagar———–Munna Singh Chauhan-BJP
  15. Chakrata———–Pritam Singh-Congress
  16. Dhanolti———–Pritam Singh Panwar-BJP
  17. Tehri——–Kishore Upadhyay-BJP
  18. Pratap Nagar——–Vikram Singh Negi-Congress
  19. Narendranagar——–Subodh Uniyal-BJP
  20. Deoprayag——–Vinod Kandari – BJP
  21. Pirankaliyar———–Furkan Ahmad-Congress
  22. Jhabrera————Virendra Kumar – Congress
  23. Bhagwanpur————Mamata Rakesh – Congress
  24. Jwalapur————Er. Ravi Bahadur-Congress
  25. B.H.E.L Ranipur———–Adesh Chauhan-BJP
  26. Haridwar———–Madan Kaushik – BJP
  27. Rishikesh———–Prem Chandra Agarwal – BJP
  28. Doiwala———–Brij Bhushan Gairola – BJP
  29. Mussoorie———–Ganesh Joshi -BJP
  30. Dehradun Cantt.———–Savita Kapoor – BJP
  31. Rajpur Road————Khajan Das – BJP
  32. Srinagar———–Dhan Singh Rawat-BJP
  33. battakhal———– Satpal Maharaj – BJP
  34. Pauri—————Rajkumar Pori -BJP
  35. Yamkeshwar———–Renu Bisht-BJP
  36. Haridwar Rural———–Anupama Rawat – Congress
  37. Laksar———–Shahzad – BSP
  38. Manglore———–Sarwat Kareem Ansari-BSP
  39. Khanpur———–Umesh Kumar-Independent
  40. Roorkee———–Pradeep Batra – BJP
  41. Pirankaliyar———–Furkan Ahmad-Congress
  42. Lansdowne———– Dileep Singh Rawat-BJP
  43. Salt———–Mahesh Jeena -BJP
  44. Dwarahat———–Madan Singh Bisht-Congress
  45. Bageshwar————Chandan Ram Dass-BJP
  46. Kapkote———–Suresh Gariya – BJP
  47. Gangolihat————Fakeer Ram-BJP
  48. Pithoragarh———–Mayukh Mahar – Congress
  49. Didihat———–Vishan Singh-BJP
  50. Dharchula———–Harish Singh Dhami-Congress
  51. Kotdwar———–Ritu Khanduri Bhushan-BJP
  52. Haldwani———–Sumit Hridayesh – Congress
  53. Nainital———–Sarita Arya- BJP
  54. Bhimtaal———–Ram Singh Kaira-BJP
  55. LalKuwa———–Mohan Singh Bisht – BJP
  56. Champawat———–Kailash Chandra Gahtori-BJP
  57. Lohaghat———–Khushal Singh Adhikari – Congress
  58. Jageshwar———–Mohan Singh -BJP
  59. Almora———–Kailash Sharma-BJP (Leading)
  60. Someshwar———–Rekha Arya -BJP
  61. Ranikhet———–Pramod Nainwal-BJP
  62. Khatima———–Bhuwan Chandra Kapri – Congress
  63. Nanak Matta———–Gopal Singh Rana-Congress
  64. Sitarganj———–Saurabh Bahuguna – BJP
  65. Kichha———–Tilak Raj Behar – Congress
  66. Rudrapur———–Shiv Arora-BJP
  67. Gadarpur———–Arvind Pandey – BJP
  68. Bajpur———–Yashpal Arya -Congress
  69. Kashipur———–Trilok Singh Cheema – BJP
  70. Jaspur———–Adesh Singh Chauhan – Congress
  71. Ramnagar———–Diwan Singh Bisht-BJP
  72. Kaladhungi———–Banshidhar Bhagat-BJP

Exit polls predicted a hung parliament, with the Congress and the BJP locked in a tight battle and neither party securing the required 36-seat majority. According to the most recent exit poll, Congress will lose the state by a large margin. On the other side, exit polls aren’t usually reliable. In contrast, pollsters predicted that the BJP would be the single largest party, while AAP had no favorable predictions. According to pollsters, no single political party is expected to win a majority, implying that Uttarakhand will have a hung legislature in the coming months.

Uttarakhand Winner Candidate List 2022

Congress hopes the pattern continues as it strives to win control of the state from the incumbent BJP for the second time in a row. The Congress will rely on people to tilt towards it after the state’s difficult journey under the BJP’s leadership, which witnessed three chief ministers in five years. Both the BJP and the Congress have resisted the urge to name a candidate for governor. On the other hand, chief minister Pushkar Singh Dhami has started re-election in his home constituency of Khatima, Harish Rawat the head of the Congress campaign committee ran for re-election in the Lalkuwa Assembly seat.


Pushkar Sing Dhami has responded to the exit poll projections by saying that people have confidence in the party and have expectations for the win. As you see on the news channels, media, and on some social media sites, the result of the Uttarakhand election was announced. Many political parties participated in these elections. The result came out. After warming the opposition benches for the last five years, the Congrees throws all its might into regaining power in the hill state. There have been many promises of freebies from the Aam Aadmi Party to woo voters in the state elections this year.

Uttarakhand 2022 Vidhan Sabha election results

On Monday, 632 contestants’ fates were sealed as Uttarakhand voted in a single phase. Every time Uttarakhand has held elections since 2000, the incumbent administration has been voted out. In the last two decades, the state has had 11 different chief ministers. The Bharatiya Janata Party must not only combat anti-incumbency, but also the existing trend. Despite neither the BJP nor the Congress having named a candidate for chief minister, Pushkar Singh Dhami, and Harish Rawat has remained the campaign’s faces.

Uttarakhand has yet to face the three fights between the ruling party BJP, Harish Rawat’s Congress, and Arvind Kejriwal Aam Aadmi Party. BJP candidate Pushkar Singh Dhami leads the BJP’s campaign in Uttarakhand. Ajay Kothiyal has been expected as a party’s chief minister. But BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party) is aiming for more than 60 of the 70 Assembly seats in the state, a target that poll observers contend is too ambitious for the saffron party, which is neglecting the anti-incumbency factor entirely.


Uttarakhand MLA Election Live Updates

Temperatures in Uttarakhand are rising as the Himalayan state prepares for legislative elections. Every term since this mountain region became a state, there have been power shifts. The Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Congress Party (Congress) are the two major political parties in India. So far in the present term, three BJP chief ministers have been sworn in, and the opposition has worked hard to seize the opportunity. A poll commentator, JS Rawat, says it will be tough for the BJP to replicate its election victory.

In Uttarakhand elections, BJP has won by a margin. In the 70 seat Assembly, BJP was expected to receive 37 to 41 seats as per pollsters. It requires 36 seats to win. According to reports, Congress will get 24 to 28 seats, while the AAP will get two to four. What do you say about these numbers, do you think they will win according to these numbers. If yes then comment down below and also state the reason.

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