Durte Dom Viral Tesla Crash Video: Watch It Here

Durte Dom made a video crashing his new Tesla car and it has stormed the internet.

The video features a flying Tesla. The Youtuber took his brand new Tesla and flew it over Hill Echo Park. As a result, the car crashes while landing.

Moroever, the video has gone viral on Twitter and Reddit. Fans have been blown away with such an act but a lot of people think it wasn’t him who drove the car.

“Why are you stealing others’ videos”, A user commented on Instagram. “It isn’t even him. If you know, you know” Another one wrote.

You can watch the video here:

Durte Dom Net Worth And Age: How Old?

Durte Dom is currently around 26 years of age. 

A prolific vlogger and rapper, he has been active as a social media influencer for the past 10 years. Durte Dom has an approximate net worth of around $600k according to several web portals on the internet.

Born and raised in Lithuania, his real name is Dom Zeglaitis. After spending his childhood in Lithuania, the rapper moved to the United States. He is currently based in Chicago, Illinois.

Durte Dom Wikipedia And Girlfriend: Is He Dating Anyone In 2022?

Durte Dom once featured his girlfriend in a Youtube video.

However, it was a long time ago and there are no signs of her or any other partners on his social media since. So, the Youtuber might be single for the time being.

Besides, he doesn’t like to give details about his personal life. Nor does he have a Wikipedia bio at the moment.

Meet Durte Dom on Instagram: Twitter And Youtube channel To Follow

Durte Dom has accumulated over 220k followers on his Instagram account.

However, he is best known for his Youtube channel, Dominykas. The channel has more than 850k subscribers at the moment. If you are on Twitter, you can follow him as well.