The case of Southwest Airlines in which a passenger got arrested in the month of May for punching one of the flight attendants and busting open two of her teeth is soon going to be facing the repercussions of what she has done, the name of the woman is Vyvianna Quinonez who has been charged in federal court on Wednesday. She has been charged with two felony counts which are for an assault resulting in serious bodily injury and interference with the crew members who are working in the flight, the news is coming from California, Quinonez is at the age of 28 at this point in time.

Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Video

She is going to making her first appearance in the court on 17th September in San Diego, the complaint which has been acquired by the post, the unfortunate happened as Sacramento resident lowered her tray table and then went on to unbuckled her seat table and at the time the flight attendant asked her to fasten her seatbelt, place her mask properly and stow her table.

This has been stated in the legal complaint which was filed by the San Diego Police Department, it has been stated the witness, the altercation took place as the passenger went on to struck the flight attendant which was the reason behind the serious injuries.

It has been further stated, Quinonez refused to listen to the flight attendant and she shoved the crew member before she stood up and started punching her in the face which is evident in the video which has been shot by one of the passengers. She was then arrested upon the arrival of the Police department.

Since then she has been banned from flying Southwest Airlines, the airline hostess was then treated at a hospital and was released later on. It has been further stated by Southwest’s vice president of in-flight operations, they have communicated previously, they do have a process of permanently banning passengers from traveling South West, and the most recent incident involving a passenger who punched one of the flight attendants has been permanently banned.

She is no longer be allowed to fly on Southwest Airlines, it has been stated by Quinonez that she acted in a way to self-defense which has been reported by Fox and it seems like one of the passengers have stated in the defense of Quinonez, the passenger has stated the stewardess provoked the altercation as the flight attendant was touching the passenger.