Was Central Coast Logan Losurdo Found? Missing Case As Parents Assume He Died



Missing: Logan Losurdo from Central Coast was pronounced dead after his remains were discovered. Continue reading the article to learn more about the case. 

Logan Losurdo, who had been missing since November 25th, 2021, was finally discovered dead on a Soldier beach.

His body was discovered and identified by New South police.

Missing: Was Central Coast Logan Losurdo Found? Parents Want Answers

Logan Losundro, who was missing from the Central Coast since 25th November 2021 is finally found. He was finally announced deceased to his parents. 

According to the reports, the human remain which was discovered washed up on Soldiers Beach two weeks ago was identified as Logan. The police of New South Wales made the identification and announced the news. 

According to the Daily mail, Logan was last seen walking towards Wilfred Barrett Drive on Pebble Beach Avenue in Magenta around 1.15 a.m. Mr. Losurdo went missing around 8.15 p.m. that night and hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

Officers from the Tuggerah Lakes Police District have conducted extensive land and sea searches in the Magenta and The Entrance areas. They also took the help of SES volunteers, PolAir, Water Police, Marine Rescue, NSW Surf Lifesaving, and the Volunteer Rescue Association (VRA).

But with all these efforts he was not discovered for more than four months. His parents were worried about him, so several pages were created to assist in locating him.

The Entrance North area had several of Mr. Losurdo’s personal belongings. The officers are conducting a thorough investigation into his disappearance.

Is Logan Losurdo Dead Or Alive Now?

Logan Losurdo is pronounced dead after his remains were found in Soldiers Beach. After several months of investigation and research, he was finally located dead.


People are paying him tribute on social media and requesting that his family’s privacy be respected during these trying times. 

It is with great sadness that we inform you that Logan has been found dead.

Logan’s family and friends are breaking our hearts. We respectfully request that you respect their privacy during this difficult time. Logan, fly high, his search page wrote in his post. 

Logan Losurdo Family Has Demanded Autopsy: Latest News

Logan Losurdo’s family has requested that his body be autopsied in order to determine what caused his death. Authorities have yet to reveal any details about his body or autopsy to the public.

We have to wait for the news from a reliable source to learn more about the circumstances surrounding his death. 

We will update you with further information about the situation as soon as possible.,