Was Chick Hearn Racist?

We are not sure if Chick Hearn was racist or not. Hearn was respected by everyone when he used to be a sports commentator.

Even after most clubs elected to utilize various commentators for the different media, most of Hearn’s games in the television era were broadcast on both radio and television.

When he was a member of the Amateur Athletic Union basketball team at Bradley, teammates played a prank on him, earning him the nickname “Chick.”

Chick Hearn ‘Winning Time’ Story

Winning Time, an HBO series about the Los Angeles Lakers, has a stellar cast portraying real-life personalities from the NBA dynasty, including Chick Hearn.

Spencer Garrett plays famed NBA commentator Chick Hearn, who performs play-by-play commentary for the Los Angeles Lakers in the film.

The series “Winning Time” on HBO analyzes the Los Angeles Lakers’ 1980s period, with a large cast portraying real-life figures.

At his death, Chick Hearn’s net worth had not been disclosed.

We are not sure how much money Chick earned throughout his career as a sportscaster.

For now, we can estimate that Chick’s net worth might be more than a million dollars.